Mrs. Mike made the comment last week that she thinks a couple of the “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants are “plants.” Meaning, the producers put them in there to say things and act a certain way. Well, after two weeks of this show (and a grueling four episodes I might add), I think I agree. Raj and Sabrina are just certified nuts….and neither appears to really know what they’re doing or know how to get along with people in the kitchen. But I digress…here is a brief recap of last night’s episodes:


Initial challenge: Cooking breakfast for paramedics
Mistakes: Emily burned bacon, Raj did not season eggs properly
Winner: Red team
Prize: Poolside lunch with Gordon Ramsay in Santa Monica, and trapeze lessons
Punishment: Blue team had to clean up kitchen and polish glasses for cocktails later that evening, during which all of his teammates started harassing Raj and calling him out for being weird and not a team player
Dinner service: Jillian and Trev would be making cocktails and menu was standard.
: Raj could not cook fish properly, started eating fish at one point and also stuck his head in the freezer to “cool off.” He also added sauce to grilled fish. Emily “helped” Jillian salt her pasta, but in the dining room the guests thought it was too salty. Hmmm. Melissa’s fish was called “Gandhi’s flip flop” by Ramsay. Boris’ Wellington was raw in the middle. Gail burned her meat and then didn’t pay attention as it was burning in front of her.
Quote: Ramsay referred to Raj as having his thumb up his “fat crack.” Awesome!
Winner: Blue team, somehow. Customer comment cards showed they had 54% who liked their meals while red team had 50%.
On the block: Emily and Sabrina. Sabrina commented that she had “bigger balls” than anyone else on the red team. For real, Sabrina?
Going home: Raj. Thing is, I saw this coming. I don’t think any of us wanted to watch this guy spontaneously combust on TV, and neither did Ramsay. Whew.


Initial challenge: Ravioli making in 30 minutes. Teams had to rank dishes in order of presenting to Ramsay. Trev’s dish was not even tried so he was ranked last but was pissed about it.
Winner: Blue team, as Trev beat out Gail for the final point.
Prize: Helicopter ride to ocean resort, a bit of golf and lunch on the water. Trev started in about his ravioli for no reason.
Quote: Trev to Gail: “Wanna make out?” Ewwwwwwwwww
Punishment: Milking cows for fresh mozzarella.
Dinner service: Vinny’s ravioli was on menu.
Mistakes: Melissa served cold ravioli, Louis served up cold salmon, Sabrina did not know how to cook a pork chop, Rob burned pizza, Gail was slow, Boris started washing dishes during service. Finally, Chef Ramsay shut the kitchen down because he’d seen enough.
Winner: Neither team. They had to nominated two each for elimination.
On the block: Melissa, Sabrina, Louis and Boris.
Back in line: Melissa and Boris
Going home: Louis

So there you have it. Now we’re down to 11 contestants already, and probably two more will go home next week before Fox’s baseball playoff coverage begins. See you then!