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When poker meets Hollywood

Poker has always enjoyed a solid reputation among card games as one that brings together skill, strategy and luck; a game that can be played during a friendly evening among friends in the basement or at a high-rollers’ meeting behind the doors of a members-only playing room in a casino.

The versatility of poker, added with the sense of drama and anticipation that comes when studying the back of your opponents’ cards and the expressions of their faces, make it a firm favourite among players of any calibre. Moreover, the wide range of poker variants means that there’s a version of poker that‘s suited for any occasion, and any bankroll.

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Casino Royale Movie Mistakes

Casino Royale Movie Mistakes

Released to wide acclaim in 2006, “Casino Royale” was Daniel Craig’s debut as the legendary British agent James Bond. The plot portrayed Bond’s early years in service and the film was so successful that it grossed an estimated $599 million worldwide and Craig has continued in the role ever since.

Nonetheless, “Casino Royale” was not entirely without its faults. There were a number of illogical sequences or filming errors which did a disservice to an otherwise excellent production. Although it doesn’t take anything away from the film as a whole, the following errors will be of interest to any diehard 007 fan.

Airport confusion: In the film, Bond thwarts a terrorist attack on Miami Airport. However, the sequence is actually filmed in the Czech Republic and in these scenes you can see numerous Czech Airlines planes. Unfortunately, Czech Airlines don’t fly to Miami at all! You can however find plenty of their planes at Prague Airport!

Montenegro or Czech Republic? Similar lapses can be seen in the sequences which are supposed to be set in Montenegro, but are actually filmed in the Czech Republic. In one scene, at the back of a restaurant, a public telephone with the Czech Telecom insignia can be seen and when Bond has a drink in the square, there is a sign in Czech for “White Horse.”

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