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Can You Guess Which Hollywood Stars Also Like a Flutter in the Casino?

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Gambling is a major theme in Hollywood, and there have been a number of hugely successful films based on casinos over the years. Movies like Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover, Casino Royale, and Rain Man have all done a good job at depicting the glitz and glamour of places like Las Vegas, and a lot of the stars often look totally at ease in those settings. Could it be because they have gambling experience in their personal lives?

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When poker meets Hollywood

Poker has always enjoyed a solid reputation among card games as one that brings together skill, strategy and luck; a game that can be played during a friendly evening among friends in the basement or at a high-rollers’ meeting behind the doors of a members-only playing room in a casino.

The versatility of poker, added with the sense of drama and anticipation that comes when studying the back of your opponents’ cards and the expressions of their faces, make it a firm favourite among players of any calibre. Moreover, the wide range of poker variants means that there’s a version of poker that‘s suited for any occasion, and any bankroll.

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