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CJ Parker video montage

Here’s a nice mental break – a montage of Pamela Anderson in “Baywatch.” If you think back to her career, Pam is definitely one of those models who made the most of her incredible looks. Hollywood is loaded with pretty girls who want to make it big in movies and TV, and there are always tons of roles for them, but few make it beyond a quick cameo and a nude scene.

The path today has more to do with reality TV, and frankly pure beauty is less important than notoriety. Of course Pam had a wild life off-screen that helped her celebrity, but she found a way to make it into scripted shows. The CJ Parker role was just perfect for her.

Can her success be replicated? Of course, but keep in mind that she was simply gorgeous. Yes, she had some enhancements, and you have to wonder what her breast implants cost. For the right price the talented doctors in Hollywood can make everyone look better.

If someone wants to make it in Hollywood, they have to look in the mirror and figure out what they bring to the table. If you’re into enhancing your looks, figure out what makes sens for you.

The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff

As far as daises go, the group assembled to roast “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff was not the most star-studded, but all concerned brought the funny when it counted. With “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane serving as the master of ceremonies, the roasters hit Hasselhoff in the usual places – he’s a drunk, his shows were terrible, he’s a lousy singer – but the gifted comics still found a way to mine comedy gold from it anyway, particularly Lisa Lampanellli, who owned the show’s best line. (“Your liver was so black and bloated, it could have starred in ‘Precious.'”) MacFarlane is surprisingly dry as the MC – though he did drop in a little Stewie voice when discussing Pamela Anderson’s breasts – and that proves to be the right call. The biggest surprises are unquestionably the non-comedians. George Hamilton does it old-school but still manages to throw in a few good zingers, and Anderson has much better comic timing than you’d think. As for Hulk Hogan, well, he made for a better target than he did a roaster. Hamilton, in particular, pounded him.

Best of all, Hasselhoff shows the world that he really can sing, charging into the room singing “Hooked on a Feeling” and finishing with some power ballad that, strangely, has his voice drowned in the mix. When it does rise above the instruments, though, it sounds good. His recent reality show may have been canceled, but Comedy Central’s roast of Hasselhoff strikes the right balance of good-natured skewering. It also serves as one of the last performances by the late Greg Giraldo, who was just about to move up to the next level. Pity.

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A Chat with Christopher Lloyd (“Knights of Bloodsteel”)

Whether you know him as Rev. Jim Ignatowski from “Taxi,” Dr. Emmit Brown from the “Back to the Future” Trilogy, or even from his brief but memorable stint as Harold March on Fox’s “Stacked,” the face of Christopher Lloyd is familiar to most of us. His latest gig finds him playing an elf named Tesselink for the Sci-Fi Channel’s two-night event, “Knights of Bloodsteel,” and we were able to wrangle a few minutes with Mr. Lloyd before he had to run off to a photo shoot.

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