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Top Chef All-Stars: almost an all-star

Last night we got from Final Four down to Final Three, maybe sort of in the spirit of the NCAA basketball tournament. The “finale” series continued in the Bahamas with host Padma Lakshmi introducing this week’s guest judge, Lorena Garcia, and the quick fire challenge to the finalists–Tiffany, Mike, Richard and Antonia. They would have to break into two teams and create a dish that they had to serve on 100 plates, and make them as uniform as possible. That’s something you don’t think of so much, but as Richard said, it’s SO important for a chef in a restaurant–consistency. So Mike and Richard made a pork bolognese with homemade macaroni that looked amazing. Tiffany and Antonia made a beef tenderloin salad with lentils and chimichurri sauce. The girls won, in large part because of the uniformity of a dish that had a higher level of difficulty. Mike, of course, was bitter.

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The Biggest Loser: single team unity

Now that was refreshing. Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the episode began with host Alison Sweeney revealing that this week, there would be no red team or black team, but that everyone would be wearing a blue shirt. That meant that it was one for all, all for one. And if, as a group, they lost more than 64 pounds (their combined weight loss last week), everyone would have immunity this week. If not, two of them would fall below the yellow line and the entire team would vote as one.

Well, this was a nice change of pace. There would be no gameplay or catty nonsense, only one team working toward a common goal. They then had a pop challenge in which celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia were on hand to judge their cooking ability. They broke into teams of two, with one former black team and one former red team member pairing off. The winner would get a year’s worth of The Biggest Loser meal plan meals. The two favorites were Jen and Kaylee’s turkey tostadas, and Olivia and Moses’ baked cod with asparagus. And Olivia and Moses won, with a dish that came in a whopping 170 calories, but according to Curtis and Lorena, had great flavor as well.

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The Biggest Loser: use it or lose it

“The Biggest Loser” on NBC has this way of throwing twists and turns on top of twists and turns. They did that again last night, just as I was beginning to like said twists. Just don’t ever get too comfortable watching this show, and if you’re on the show, that’s even more so.

The episode began with a recap of last week, with Rick being sent home, but then host Alison Sweeney asked everyone back in, and told them that for the next weigh in, only one person would count for each team, and the other team got to choose which person they wanted to weigh in, at the weigh-in. Wow, that’s crazy!

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