“The Biggest Loser” on NBC has this way of throwing twists and turns on top of twists and turns. They did that again last night, just as I was beginning to like said twists. Just don’t ever get too comfortable watching this show, and if you’re on the show, that’s even more so.

The episode began with a recap of last week, with Rick being sent home, but then host Alison Sweeney asked everyone back in, and told them that for the next weigh in, only one person would count for each team, and the other team got to choose which person they wanted to weigh in, at the weigh-in. Wow, that’s crazy!

So as they were working out, Frado started whining and wound up walking outside, and the producers got some great footage of Jillian Michaels with Frado in the background. Jillian said something like, “So here is Frado bitching and moaning, and what’s he gonna do, try to send Anna home?” That was in reference to the fact that Frado and his buddies Brendan and Patrick had their alliance and could afford to be whiney. Too funny.

Then they had a challenge in which celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia led teams of three cook meals, and Stone and Garcia were not allowed to touch the food! Without going into too much detail, the blue team won and they had a 10 second advantage at the next challenge, which was a rowing challenge. Even though the blue team got off to a slow start and messed up the 10-second advantage, they won again. And the prize this time was that they were allowed to block the black team’s first choice of who to weigh in.

But first they asked Adam if he wanted to use his now-three-pound advantage that he won a few weeks ago, and he declined, wanting it to grow to 4 pounds next week. Frado thought he was dumb for not using it. Anyway, the blue team, as expected, chose Elizabeth, and the black team, as expected, chose Jessica. The blue team was asked if they wanted to block that choice, and they declined. I think the blue team thought the black team was bluffing, hiding their true choice.

Anyway, Anna went first and lost 3 pounds; Ava lost 4, and suddenly Bob Harper thought that the entire black team was holding back so that Elizabeth would have the highest percentage of weight loss. But Brendan squashed that by losing 11, and Patrick 9. Then Frado lost 14. It was time for Elizabeth to weigh in, and she lost 5 pounds, which was good for her.

The blue team was next, and Jesse kicked it off with 9 pounds lost. Mark lost 16, Adam 13, Lisa 8, Aaron 9 (down to 398!). Finally it was Jessica, and she disappointed with 4 pounds lost. The blue team really blew it by not blocking the choice, as Jessica had the lowest percentage on her team, and a lower percentage than Elizabeth. So the black team won.

Now the blue team had to send someone home. It wound up being a split vote between Adam and Jessica, and so the black team had to come in and make the choice. Granted, they could choose anyone except Mark, who was immune with the most weight loss on his team. But of course they didn’t want to choose someone who received no votes, so they narrowed it to Jessica and Adam. They naturally chose Adam, because he was the bigger threat. What’s that you say, Frado? Yep, you can’t take those pounds with you Adam.

But dude is now down from 402 to 264! Good for him. And good for us that there are now 6 days until we find out the next twist! Thanks for reading…..