Now that was refreshing. Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the episode began with host Alison Sweeney revealing that this week, there would be no red team or black team, but that everyone would be wearing a blue shirt. That meant that it was one for all, all for one. And if, as a group, they lost more than 64 pounds (their combined weight loss last week), everyone would have immunity this week. If not, two of them would fall below the yellow line and the entire team would vote as one.

Well, this was a nice change of pace. There would be no gameplay or catty nonsense, only one team working toward a common goal. They then had a pop challenge in which celebrity chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia were on hand to judge their cooking ability. They broke into teams of two, with one former black team and one former red team member pairing off. The winner would get a year’s worth of The Biggest Loser meal plan meals. The two favorites were Jen and Kaylee’s turkey tostadas, and Olivia and Moses’ baked cod with asparagus. And Olivia and Moses won, with a dish that came in a whopping 170 calories, but according to Curtis and Lorena, had great flavor as well.

Then after visits from Dr. H showing how far they’ve come so far, it was time for the main challenge. Keeping with the one-team mentality, this time the group would have to pull on a giant rope to unearth big plates with a trivia question. Once they answer correctly, two more players get to join and help pull the rope. Honestly, this challenge was a bit confusing to the naked eye and mind. Anyway, if they finished in under 90 minutes, they would get a 5-pound advantage at the weigh-in. But if they didn’t make it, they were going to have a 5-pound penalty. Yikes. Well, amazingly, they made it with SIX SECONDS to spare. Wow. And so instead of 64 pounds, the group had to lose just 59 pounds this week in order for everyone to stay on the ranch one more week.

Then came the last-chance workouts, and as I normally do, I forwarded through these. Sorry, NBC. Then it was time to weigh in. Jen went first and lost 5 pounds, followed by Hannah with 4 and Olivia with 3. Uh-oh. If the contestants had to average 5 pounds each, they were not off to a great start. Justin lost 5, Rulon lost 7, and Ken lost 7, putting them back in the game. Austin lost 8, giving them more confidence. But Courtney lost 4, followed by Irene who lost 2. Uh-oh. Moses lost 6, but then Marci and Kaylee had to lose 5 pounds each. Not likely. Marci lost 0 pounds. I mean, Dr. H had told her she already reached her goal weight and that she had to now focus on adding muscle. Could Kaylee lost 10 pounds? Nope, she GAINED 2 pounds, giving the group 49 pounds lost and sending someone home.

So of course, Marci was the one who stepped up and said she wanted to go home, and it made sense all the way around as Kaylee still had some pounds to shed. She had wanted to go home last week, but had immunity on her team after losing 5 pounds. But with no more weight to lose, why stay?

Courtney, naturally, voted for Kaylee, since she couldn’t write her mom’s name down. Moses voted for Marci. Then Jen voted for Kaylee. Are you kidding me? I didn’t listen to her reasoning, because I was dumbfounded. But then Hannah, Olivia, Irene, Rulon and Justin all voted for Marci, and she was ultimately going home. So Marci went home and continued to work out and she looks great. And even if it will be difficult for her to win the at-home prize of $100K, Marci has already won.

So after all of the feel-good stuff this week, next week someone that was elminated gets to come back. Uh-oh. That should make for good TV, if anything. Thanks for reading and see you all next week…