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Breaking Bad 3.11 – I Don’t Understand How The Last Card Is Played (But Somehow The Vital Connection Is Made)

I said this on Facebook this morning after watching my screener of this week’s episode, and I’m saying it again now for all of the readers of this blog: not only is “Breaking Bad” the best show on AMC (which is a hell of an accomplishment, given how much I enjoy “Mad Men”), but it is now officially my favorite show on television, period. Not even having to blog it every week can kill my love for it…and that’s saying something. Watching this week’s episode, though, really served as a turning point for me. I’m someone who, when faced with a plot development which involves a ridiculous amount of coincidence, often finds himself whispering under his breath, “Oh, give me a break…” Tonight’s episode effectively tied new characters from this season into events from last season in a way that, on another show, might have left me feeling the same way. Instead, I was left in awe.

Let us begin, however, at the beginning, with a flashback that allowed Krysten Ritter to return from the dead and play Jane once again. That Jesse was left less than impressed by a trip to an art gallery is hardly surprising, but being reintroduced to Jane after so long served to remind me of a question that occurred to me a few times last season: why is a girl as deep as this involved with a tool like Jesse? Her rap about how “sometimes you get fixated on something and you might not even get why” struck me as a suspiciously on-the-nose callback to Walt’s obsession with the fly, but I could watch Ritter recite from the phone book, so I have no real complaints about that. Besides, if nothing else, the scene provided us with the origin of the lipstick-encrusted cigarette in the car’s ashtray.

Hank didn’t have a huge amount of screen time this week, but his brief appearances in the episode nonetheless served to underline how much he’s struggling with his recovery…and by “struggling,” I mean that he’s kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place: he refuses to leave the hospital until he can do so on his own two feet, but he’s barely willing to participate in the physical therapy that’s being provided. I loved his back and forth with Marie on the matter of pain (“Pain is weakness leaving your body.” “Pain is my foot in your ass, Marie!”), but it shows the depths of his anger about his situation that he should be giving shit to Walt, Jr., a kid who has to use his own crutches to walk out of the room. Gee, you don’t suppose his nephew’s condition serves as a constant reminder about his own physical limitations, do you? Nahhhhhhh…

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Breaking Bad 3.1 – I Blame The Government

The first image that really catches our eye is that of some poor bastard hauling his dirty, grimy self across the ground. He looks, in a word, pitiful…and as we’ve just seen a truck driving along the dusty road and another man wandering about with seeming calm, we have to presume that the aforementioned gentleman on the ground has but a short amount of time left on this earth.

But, then, we start to get mixed signals when a second man is seen crawling in the dirt, then a third.

By the time the shot cuts to reveal a veritable legion of dirt crawlers, with the ominous score only serving to underline the palpable nervousness of the bystanders in the village (i.e. the ones sitting or standing rather than crawling), we have to ask: “What the hell’s going on here?”

A car pulls up. A man with silver skulls on the toes of his boots steps out. Make that two men. Are they twins?

Oh, but it’s too late to consider the genetic origins of these guys, because now they’ve started crawling. This is getting downright creepy…and that’s even before the group begins to rise to their feet and enter a highly disturbing candle-lit shrine, to which they add a sheet of paper.

It’s a Santa Muerte shrine. On the paper is a pencil sketch of Heisenberg. In short, these guys are praying that Walter White will be dead soon.

Season 3 is officially off to an awesome start. Welcome back, “Breaking Bad.”

Given the end of Season 2, it’s no surprise that the first thing tackled post-credits is the inevitable repercussions of the airplane crash. You probably spotted the guest appearance by Ashleigh Banfield, but the other newscasters are actually from Albuquerque’s NBC affiliate, KOB. It’s an easy segue back into where we left off last season, offering a look into how it’s affected the residents of the city…including, of course, one W. White, who’s busy burning money on his barbecue grill. If there’s any sight more horrifying than watching cash go up in smoke, it’s got to be Walt having second thoughts and, in the process, setting his robe on fire. It was a must-do, though: right about now, the money is really the only thing in Walt’s life that he can stop from going up smoke.

Certainly, his marriage is shot to hell, a fact underlined by Skyler’s inaugural appearance in Season 3, which takes place as she’s attempting to kickstart the divorce proceedings between herself and Walt. It’s a meeting borne of emotion rather than intellect, however, with Skyler desperately trying to ignore the attorney’s comments and suggestions until the cumulative effect of her protestations finally begin the process of collapsing her resolve. The tension between her and Walt, Jr., doesn’t help the situation any, and once her sister starts to get on her case, Skyler can’t deny it any more: she’s got to ask Walt outright what the hell he’s got going on in his world that he’s been too afraid to reveal to her.

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