It’s been a long haul this season, and as Fox backed-to-backed two seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen,” we had the chance to see how disinterested the producers are in making this show better or changing things up. Every season, the challenges and when they do each challenge are the same. But I digress. This season is remarkably different, because of the lack of talent. Last night the two finalists were chosen by Gordon Ramsay, but both have serious flaws. Let’s go to the videotape of last night’s next-to-last episode…

Initial challenge: Creating a “fusion” dish using two cuisines from around the globe

Mistakes: Trev’s dish was bland, Russell sucked at cooking duck and foie gras

Winner: Jillian, after pretty much admitting she had never cooked with either Thai or Spanish ingredients

Prize: Lunch with Ramsay at Spago. And a surprise–her family was there waiting for her.

Punishment: Getting everyone ready to move out, and to prep the kitchen for dinner

Dinner service: Russ was bugging Trev, trying to push his buttons. This is a classic meathead-picking-on-nerd situation. Each chef also had to take turns at the pass, and as usual, Ramsay and sous chef Scott tried to trick each one with variations

Mistakes: Nona could not tell mashed celery root from mashed potatoes. Really? Trev continually could not cook fish properly. Jillian did not have good command of the pass, and neither did Trev.

Winner: No winner declared just yet, but Ramsay asked for a consensus two nominees for elimination. Nobody wanted to be on the block, and let’s face it, this was Ramsay’s call anyway.

Quote: “One of you is not ready…..Trev”

Going home: Trev, and then….each finalist was announced. First…..Russell. This guy is obviously a talented chef but he is still kind of a meathead and extremely arrogant. But the talent level this season is weak overall. Next up……Nona. She also has major flaws, but still, she’s probably a better overall fit to run LA Market’s kitchen than Jillian. So Trev and Jillian did not make it and were sent home.

So there you have it….the finale will be Russell vs. Nona. Each has flaws, but each is clearly a talented chef. It’s just a matter of who wants it more, and right now I’d have to say Russell does. We’ll find out next week….and we’ll see you back here then….