So you thought that NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser” was about losing weight? Not really. Not when you dangle a $250,000 grand prize and $100,000 more for the player who lost the most weight after being eliminated. That’s when contestants unfortunately resort to gameplay instead of focusing on the actual premise of the show, which is who can lose the most freaking weight! You heard me, Vicky. You heard me, Brady. You heard me, Heba. But more on that in a minute.

They began the show with initial activities of trapeze and climbing. Some of the contestants were terrified but overcame their fears. Then they all had to go see Dr. Huizenga again, and the results were better this time…many of them had added years to their lives in just this short time by losing all that weight so far.

Then came the challenge and it was a balancing act over a pool. And it was a blue vs. black team competition, but if anyone fell in the water, they had to wait until the other team completely fell overboard to get back up. The blue team, led by Vicky, said they weren’t interested in the prize, which was a video of their family back home. Are you kidding me? She then added she and husband Brady were more interested in the grand prizes. Ah, now we’re seeing true colors. Mrs. Mike added that she “hates” Vicky. Anyway, the black team won as Renee aced the event and gave her team the victory. Not surprisingly, blue team trainer Bob Harper was pissed that his team didn’t care about winning the challenge. Hey Bob, get used to it…you’ve been dealt three very bad people who just care about gameplay.

Then they showed Brady telling Heba that Phil from the black team had pulled Brady aside and told him that they need to band together and eliminate Heba. I know Phil can be sneaky and wants to win as much as anyone, but I know Brady made that up to fire up Heba so that they could eliminate Amy a teammate who is also Phil’s wife, if their team lost…and Brady would make sure his team lost. You follow me? Brady, you are a bad, bad man.

At the weigh in, the black team naturally won, losing 3.2% while the blue team lost a little over 2%. Brady lost only three pounds, and Amy lost two. I don’t like the gameplay aspect one bit, but I know that Brady purposely lost less weight than he could have on purpose, and sabotaged Amy by having he, Vicky and Heba oust her, which is exactly what happened. They all don’t like Phil, and thought this would hurt him. As Amy was leaving, she said that it would instead motivate her husband to beat their asses. Go Phil!!!

Oh, one more thing….as Mrs. Mike pointed out, there was no remorse whatsoever coming from Brady, Vicky or Heba when they eliminated Amy. I’m just sayin’.

When they showed Amy at home, she had gone from a size 20 dress to a size 8 and hopes to be at a size 6 by the finale. Go Amy! See you all next week…and to Heba, Vicky and Brady…I hope you’re having trouble sleeping this week.