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Department of Retractions…Of Other People’s Mistakes

One benefit of being the kind of blogger who in no way makes news, but merely repeats and expands/bloviates upon it is that, as long as I get my ducks in a row through my links and don’t confabulate anything, if somebody reports something false, it’s theoretically not my fault. Of course, if I don’t follow-up and mention the correction, I suppose I am guilty of spreading a false rumor.

So, anyhow, according to Variety, the rumors I discussed on Friday about a supposed disastrous screening of “G.I. Joe” and some kind of firing or demotion of director Stephen Sommers are false. Of course, for all I know, Variety could be wrong, too.

In any event, I’m still expecting this one to kind of stink up the universe. Let’s call it a hunch.

And, When We Rebuild it, We’ll Call it the Freedom Tower

Just yesterday, via Anne Thompson, I had another look at the “G.I Joe” trailer in which, at about 0:37, a certain international landmark gets destroyed…

G.I. JOE trailer in HD

And that reminded me of this near-masterpiece, which managed a more creative fate for la Tour Eiffel. (The key moment in this video is at 4:17… and it’s in French!)

Gustave Eiffel’s creation also meets a less than kind fate in 1965’s “The Great Race,” which I rewatched this morning for the first time in decades for an upcoming feature you’ll be reading about right here. So, I took that as a sign — of what I’m not sure — but close enough for blogging. Anyhow, if you know of any other Eiffel Tower destruction movies, please do give me a shout in comments…

When a Double-0 Does It, It is Not Illegal + “G.I. Joe,” F**k No!

A couple of items hot off the action film presses…

* As per Cinematical, writer Peter Morgan has been hired to work on the as-yet-untitled 23rd (!) James Bond film. If the name rings a bell, he’s the playwright and screenwriter best known for the slam-bang action fests “Frost/Nixon” and “The Queen.” (Yeah, I know, but they cut out the lengthy sequence where Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II dons a cat suit and tears a bunch of foreign agents limb from limb as she foils a plot to blow up Buckingham Palace before tea and crumpets with the French premier.)

It’s actually not a big change in strategy. Both “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” were written by the team of Robert Wade and Neal Purvis with a “polish” from Oscar-winning veteran scribe Paul Haggis (“Crash“, “Million Dollar Baby“). After what many perceived as a bit of a let down on “Quantum” both in terms of story and direction, apparently the idea was to get a fresh Oscar-nominated, if not actually Oscar-winning, writer on board. So, no need to worry that “Bond 23” will be an earnest examination of the legal and ethical issues created by giving random blokes a license to kill people — though I’d pay to see that. As usual, interesting choices are being bandied about for the Bondian director’s chair, but in 22 films, for better or worse, a director with a strong personal vision has yet to be hired, so no reason to think the Bond producers will break the pattern now.

* Rumors have been flying all over the place about a supposed disastrous screening of “G.I. Joe” — a movie that wasn’t exactly being awaited with baited breath at least in my corner of the geeksphere. Anyhow, the upshot is that helmer Stephen Sommers, best known as the writer-director behind the Mummy films, or other heads may or may not roll or be diminished creatively.

For insight, I hereby direct you to Anne Thompson‘s refreshingly FACT-ual approach to the matter. Looking at the trailer, I can’t help thinking that this movie has somehow already been made….

Could “G.I. Joe” actually be good?

Go ahead and file this under Extremely Late to the Party, but after catching Paramount’s “G.I. Joe” trailer during the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but think “is it possible that the movie won’t completely suck?” It sure looks a helluva lot better than what the first batch of promotional images suggested, but keep a few things in mind:

1) It’s based on a toy line. Sure, “Transformers” kicked some serious ass, but it was also directed by Michael Bay, who’s been known to make a good action film in his time. Which brings me to my next point…

2) It’s directed by Stephen Sommers. As in “The Mummy Returns” and “Van Helsing” Stephen Sommers. The CGI showcased in the trailer already looks far better than anything that appeared in either of those films, but that hardly means the story won’t feel like a six-year-old wrote it. Plus…

3) The trailer is only 30 seconds long. It’s not very difficult to find 30 seconds worth of good footage from a two hour movie, even if you’re a hack like Stephen Sommers.

With that said, however, the film doesn’t look quite as bad as most fanboys imagined. Sienna Miller looks great as The Baroness, and that short glimpse of Snake Eyes facing off against Storm Shadow promises at least some good action. Still, Destro looks pretty dumb without his trademark helmet (though he might look ever worse with it on), and why is Cobra Commander being kept such a big secret? Check out the trailer below and then head over to Bullz-Eye.com to see more movie trailers.

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