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G.I. Joe: Season 1.1

“He’ll fight for freedom wherever there is trouble, G.I. Joe is there!” And now, thanks to the fine folks at Shout! Factory (no doubt inspired by the upcoming film), the classic 1980s animated series has been re-released on DVD. For those who might not remember, G.I. Joe is a team of highly-trained soldiers assigned to defend the world against a terrorist organization known as Cobra. The good guys were comprised of Duke, Flint, Scarlett and Snake Eyes (as well as a host of other interchangeable Joes), while the baddies included Cobra Commander, Destro, The Baroness and Zartan. The characters themselves are probably more memorable than the actual show (you can thank Hasbro’s long line of action figures for that), but even though most of the episodes don’t stand out, they’re still entertaining – especially when compared to the junk on TV nowadays.

It’s not very often that a childhood favorite retains the appeal it did when you were younger, but “G.I. Joe” fairs much better because, with the exception of characters with stupid codenames like Snow Job, Barbeque and Beach Head, the series was essentially one big action movie that just happened to be animated. In fact, it even debuted with three annual miniseries (“The M.A.S.S. Device,” “The Revenge of Cobra” and “The Pyramid of Darkness,” all collected here) before going into syndication as a weekly cartoon. The first seven episodes of Season One have also been included in the four-disc set, while an interview with writer Rob Friedman and a handful of “Knowing is Half the Battle” PSAs highlight the modest collection of bonus features. Diehard fans will still be better off waiting for the Complete Collector’s Set due out later this month, but for those that would rather test the waters and see if “G.I. Joe” is just as great as they remember it, Season 1.1 is the perfect way to help jolt your memory.

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Could “G.I. Joe” actually be good?

Go ahead and file this under Extremely Late to the Party, but after catching Paramount’s “G.I. Joe” trailer during the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but think “is it possible that the movie won’t completely suck?” It sure looks a helluva lot better than what the first batch of promotional images suggested, but keep a few things in mind:

1) It’s based on a toy line. Sure, “Transformers” kicked some serious ass, but it was also directed by Michael Bay, who’s been known to make a good action film in his time. Which brings me to my next point…

2) It’s directed by Stephen Sommers. As in “The Mummy Returns” and “Van Helsing” Stephen Sommers. The CGI showcased in the trailer already looks far better than anything that appeared in either of those films, but that hardly means the story won’t feel like a six-year-old wrote it. Plus…

3) The trailer is only 30 seconds long. It’s not very difficult to find 30 seconds worth of good footage from a two hour movie, even if you’re a hack like Stephen Sommers.

With that said, however, the film doesn’t look quite as bad as most fanboys imagined. Sienna Miller looks great as The Baroness, and that short glimpse of Snake Eyes facing off against Storm Shadow promises at least some good action. Still, Destro looks pretty dumb without his trademark helmet (though he might look ever worse with it on), and why is Cobra Commander being kept such a big secret? Check out the trailer below and then head over to Bullz-Eye.com to see more movie trailers.

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