By which criteria does one select the best gambling movie? Is it the one in which the most bets are placed or one that is a true depiction of real money gambling. This then creates another dilemma, can we fairly rank movies based on true events together with fictional movies. There can never be fair and ultimate list of the best gambling movies of all time.

All new lists that are out there attempting to rank gambling movies are all biased. Poker players will prefer poker based movies like the “Cincinnati Kid” played by McQueen. While blackjack players will lean towards blackjack themed movies like “21,” the Las Vegas drama featuring Kevin Spacey.

Sports bettors will relate better with sports gambling movies like “The Pope of Greenwich Village” starring Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts. Casino game players are likely to rank the British film “Croupier” higher than any sports betting movie including classics like “The Hustler.” “The Hustler” is the classic in which Paul Newman stars as a pool player. It has made it to the top of most gambling movie lists as the best of the best.

In this age of online casinos and mobile games, it is only a matter of time before we have a movie based on this new phenomenon. We can rest assured that fans of online casino games would rate that movie higher than “Oceans 11.” It is arguable that “Oceans 11” was the best movie in the trilogy and some movie critics can claim it is not even a gambling movie. The same can be said for “Casino Royal” in which Daniel Craig portrays legendary MI6 agent James Bond.

“The Gambler” has to be mentioned if there is any talk of the best Gambling movies of all time simply because of the performance of James Caan. “The Sting” and Martin Scorcese’s real life drama “Casino” are the last movies to make on this “mentioning” of the best gambling movies of all time. Visit for online casino games.