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The Biggest Loser: longest season ever comes to a close

Last night on the finale of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” host Alison Sweeney mentioned that this is the longest season in Biggest Loser history. Since it began shortly after New Year’s Day, I can see the math adding up. There were also 22 contestants this season.

The live finale of the show is always a big event, probably why “American Idol” decided to move its performance show to Tuesday this week–to compete head-to-head. Of course, I blog about both here, so that was annoying to me. Anyway, the first order of business was to bring out Jay and Irene, and find out who America voted to compete for the $250K grand prize along with sisters Hannah and Olivia. The winner was…Irene! So there would be three women competing for the grand prize, and Jay was relegated to compete for the $100K “at-home” prize.

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The Biggest Loser: red avoids red

“The Biggest Loser” is certainly not afraid of throwing curveballs at its contestants or its viewers, and last night was no exception. After Jay was eliminated at the end of the last episode, host Alison Sweeney invited the black team into the room and detailed what the next week would hold–namely, that there would be two contestants going home this next week. There would be a red line, in which the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss would automatically be eliminated, and then there would be the regular yellow line, and the team that lost the weigh in would send someone else home as well.

So when Brett and Cara, the red team trainers, found out about the double elimination, they decided that no one from their group would be going home, and they set off to train at an MMA gym. It turns out that the owner of the gym is a guy who trained Rulon for the Olympics in 2004. Pretty cool. Even cooler that the guy didn’t judge Rulon for gaining all that weight.

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The Biggest Loser: nice family values

Yes, my subject line is being sarcastic, and last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was a bit eye-opening. The show opened with a challenge between the black and red teams in which they were tangled up as teams in rope, and had to collectively untangle, and then go grab a “key” to the gym. That team would be able to train as usual in the gym all week, while the losing team would be locked out and forced to work outside or somewhere else. The red team won easily, as the black team could do nothing but trip over themselves. So Bob and Jillian would have to train their team outside, which didn’t seem to be a big deal as the weather cooperated.

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The Biggest Loser: who is Captain Dumbass?

I can’t help it…I can’t help but talk about what a dumbass Arthur is in this season’s “The Biggest Loser.” I’ll get to exactly why in a minute, but first, let’s begin the recap of last night’s episode…..

So host Alison Sweeney kicked things off by telling the contestants that they would officially be going to a red team (the unknowns) and either blue or black (ranch team). The ranch team chose black, so it would be red vs. black for this week’s weight loss challenge. And they started with another temptation challenge–chocolates for Valentine’s Day. The person who ate the most chocolate could control things a bit–they could either choose to keep the teams as is, or they could swap out one couple from their team for a couple on the other team. The good thing, though, is that it would be a secret who ate the most and who made a decision to change teammates. Q was eating chocolate and could not stop, and the same went for Rulon, Marci and Moses, the latter who ate 21 pieces of chocolate. But Arthur, as you might suspect, ate 35 pieces. It was really disgusting to watch such a fat man stuffing his face with chocolate. But that was all they showed, so we didn’t know if Arthur won or not. What we did know is that Jay and Jen from the ranch team had to switch sides and they were trading places with Sarah and Deni. Yikes. Was it Arthur? Why would he do that? No, it had to be someone else, right?

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The Biggest Loser: the big merger

We’re not talking about a multi-national corporate merger here, just a merger between the Biggest Loser ranch contestants, and the “unknowns,” as they have come to be known.

Since the President’s speech last week cut the episode short, they had to finish up the weigh-in of the Ranch group. But first, they showed the unknowns working out, and Q being disrespectful to his trainer Cara and the rest of the team by walking away from a group workout. The dude didn’t feel like he was getting his “burn” and I have to be honest here–I know he walked away without saying anything, but I understood why he did it. Still, many of those around him don’t feel like he’s pulling his weight, so to speak; the same way the ranch contestants feel about big Arthur.

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