I can’t help it…I can’t help but talk about what a dumbass Arthur is in this season’s “The Biggest Loser.” I’ll get to exactly why in a minute, but first, let’s begin the recap of last night’s episode…..

So host Alison Sweeney kicked things off by telling the contestants that they would officially be going to a red team (the unknowns) and either blue or black (ranch team). The ranch team chose black, so it would be red vs. black for this week’s weight loss challenge. And they started with another temptation challenge–chocolates for Valentine’s Day. The person who ate the most chocolate could control things a bit–they could either choose to keep the teams as is, or they could swap out one couple from their team for a couple on the other team. The good thing, though, is that it would be a secret who ate the most and who made a decision to change teammates. Q was eating chocolate and could not stop, and the same went for Rulon, Marci and Moses, the latter who ate 21 pieces of chocolate. But Arthur, as you might suspect, ate 35 pieces. It was really disgusting to watch such a fat man stuffing his face with chocolate. But that was all they showed, so we didn’t know if Arthur won or not. What we did know is that Jay and Jen from the ranch team had to switch sides and they were trading places with Sarah and Deni. Yikes. Was it Arthur? Why would he do that? No, it had to be someone else, right?

Well, no. Arthur decided he should be honest and speak up, so he told everyone that he won the challenge, and that it was his decision to send Jay and Jen to the other team. He felt they didn’t like him and would make him a target, and he wanted to protect himself and his dad, Jesse. But in doing so, he brought Sarah and Deni over. Why? Because he felt like they were disposable, that they would not lose much weight, therefore putting them in position to be sent home sooner than Arthur or Jesse. Can you say DUMBASS? Suddenly, Arthur had enemies on both sides–especially Jay, Jen, Sarah and Deni. And for no reason–he could have easily kept his mouth shut! So whether or not making the switch was good strategy, admitting to it made it a horrible strategy. DUMBASS. In fact, we’ll call him CAPTAIN DUMBASS.

Bob and Jillian were no doubt pissed at Arthur, but what could they do?
So after a grueling workout, it was time for the main challenge. The red and black teams had a relay race of sorts, where one person had to complete a task before handing off to the next person. Arthur surprised everyone by balancing on a telephone pole its entire horizontal length. But on the red team, Justin and Ken got hung up on the calorie-guessing part of the challenge, and the black team won. Their prize was videos from home. And in those was a video of Deni’s other daughter getting married. That’s right, she and Sarah missed the wedding to go on “The Biggest Loser.” Priorities just slightly out of whack? I think so, but what do I know.

Then, after a last chance workout, it was time to weigh in. The red team went first–Jay lost 14; Jen 14; Austin 10; Ken 14; Q 7 (followed by a lecture from Justin); Rulon 12; Justin 10 (both were not satisfied); Kaylee 5; and then Moses 11 (making him the fastest to 100 pound weight loss in Biggest Loser history). So the red team lost 97 pounds, or 3.43%. Brett and Kara seemed confident.

Then came the black team led by Bob and Jillian–Deni lost 9 pounds and Sarah 10; Arthur lost 9 and Jesse 11; Courtney lost 10 (is anyone else annoyed by her?); Marci lost 13; Olivia lost 16; Irene 12; and Hannah 9. That gave the black team a weight loss of 99 pounds, or 4.38%. Wow! So someone from the red team would be voted off, but it would not be Jen, who with a 14 pound weight loss had the highest percentage on her team.

So it would be between Jay, Austin, Ken, Q, Rulon, Justin, Moses or Kayelee. This was an easy one, wasn’t it? It had to be Q. So of course, Jen, Jay, Ken, Moses and Justin voted for Q, while Q voted for Jay. So it was Q that went home. Big duh, we all saw that coming. But what we may not have seen coming was Q’s success at home–he has lost 92 pounds to date and counting. They also showed him taking his wife blind-folded to a romantic place for Valentine’s Day–to the gym. Come on Q, open up your wallet a bit!

Anyway, there you have it….this competition is sure to get heated with all of the trainers and all of the loud, passionate contestants. And that will make for good TV, NBC. Have a great week everyone……