We’re not talking about a multi-national corporate merger here, just a merger between the Biggest Loser ranch contestants, and the “unknowns,” as they have come to be known.

Since the President’s speech last week cut the episode short, they had to finish up the weigh-in of the Ranch group. But first, they showed the unknowns working out, and Q being disrespectful to his trainer Cara and the rest of the team by walking away from a group workout. The dude didn’t feel like he was getting his “burn” and I have to be honest here–I know he walked away without saying anything, but I understood why he did it. Still, many of those around him don’t feel like he’s pulling his weight, so to speak; the same way the ranch contestants feel about big Arthur.

So it was time for the weigh-in, and up first were Jen and Jay, fresh from a week training with the unknowns. Jen lost 6 pounds while Jay lost 9. Arthur lost 9 pounds while Jesse lost 3. Keep in mind, Arthur is still well over 400 pounds. Courtney lost 10 and Marci lost 3. Hannah lost 5 and Olivia 3. Then it came to the newly formed team of Irene and Don, and they each GAINED six pounds. A-ha. So that Dan/Don thing two weeks ago was a thrown weigh-in as we all suspected, and this time Irene blurted out that she did this to help Don go home, as he had wished. All of a sudden Don didn’t try to hide it, and you have to give him credit for that. Also, trainers Bob and Jillian were pissed, but Bob kind of relented that maybe this was a good thing for Don–that the ranch isn’t for everyone, and that he hoped Don had better success at home.

But they still had to vote, right? Well, since everyone knew what was going on and since this group appears to be prettty tight-knit, host Alison Sweeney simply asked for a show of hands, and it was unanimous that they all wanted Don to go home.

Then Alison announced that there would be two separate competitions this week–the campus players had to beat last week’s tally of 48 pounds lost, and if so, they would all have immunity for a week. But the unknowns would have their own weigh-in, and one of them would be going home this week. The unknowns would also have their own challenge game, in which they had to place weights on another team’s color, and the one left standing at the end would have immunity for one more week. The first to be eliminated was the red team, followed by brown, pink and finally, gray. So the yellow team of Justin and Rulon won.

Then, after I forwarded throught he last-chance workout (sorry NBC), it was time to weigh on. The ranch players went first. Irene lost 8 pounds, which probably was inevitable after last week’s 6-pound gain. Jen lost 4 and Jay lost 10. Olivia lost 4 and Hannah 7. Marci lost 7, bringing her below 200 pounds, and Courtney lost 8. So the tally was already 48 pounds, so they needed one more pound lost between Arthur and Jesse. Uh-oh. Would this be another weight gain for the team that weighed in last? Nope, Arthur lost 6 while Jesse lost a whopping 9 pounds. That’s 63 pounds and the whole ranch team was immune this week.

So now it was time for the unknown teams to hit the scale. Justin and Rulon were first since they had immunity. Just lost 16 pounds while Rulon lost 17. Clearly, these two are not game-players. Of course, Rulon is an Olympic athlete, or was, so he is just a fierce competitor. But his main competition in his own mind is his weight, which is how it should be.

Larialmy lost 11 pounds and Q lost 13, which looked to keep them safe for the week. But there were three more teams–Austin lost 16 while Ken lost 14, keeping them safe. Kaylee lost 9 while Moses lost 14, keeping them safe too. Finally, Sarah lost 9 while Deni lost 11. They were also safe, and the red team was going to have to send someone home this week.

Most of the other players did not appreciate Q’s work ethic, and they told him so. But Larialmy wanted to go home, and once Q declared that he would give it his all, everyone got on board with sending his wife home.

Then they showed Larialmy and Don at home–Larialmy has gone from 301 down to 227; while Don has gone from 309 down to 222. Good for both of them! So I guess this was a good thing for Don. But will Q be true to his word? I have a feeling he won’t be, but we’ll see. And I’ll see you all back here next week…..