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The Biggest Loser: no huge surprises…well, maybe two

Last night’s finale of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC featured the big showdown between Danny and Rudy, and the result of that was not exactly earth-shattering. But there were a couple of other shocking revelations during the show, which we will get to shortly.

First, they brought out Amanda and Liz, to see who America voted into the final 3. Each of them looked quite the same as when they broke camp after running the marathon four months ago….but I digress. The person in the finale was Amanda, and we had to hear her thank America once again for voting for her. Woo freaking hoo. Liz, meanwhile, looked kind of pissed, but let’s face it….neither of them was going to beat Rudy or Danny. And how about Liz being a grandmother of nine at the age of 49? Now that’s impressive!

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The Biggest Loser: a new meaning for “lighter”

Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” two contestants were sent home as Season 8 barrels toward the December 8 finale. So just like that we’re down to the final six contestants. How did we get there? Glad you asked…

The show began with host Alison Sweeney greeting the eight remaining hopefuls, and that always means they are about to find out how the game is changing. Would she tell them it’s back to black vs. blue again? Well no, things don’t change that fast, even on this show. But Alison told them that this week, two of them would be eliminated, and that in addition to a yellow line, there would also be a red line this week, and whoever falls below that line would be automatically sent home. Wow. Now that’s how this show should operate..no voting, no gameplay, just send home the person with the least amount of weight loss.

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The Biggest Loser: karma reigns again

This week’s “Biggest Loser” on NBC was a special event, as the backdrop was Washington D.C., where the contestants would not only have a chance to spread the word about the show but also talk to members of congress about their own journeys and how they feel they could teach fellow Americans about a fit lifestyle.

The first thing host Alison Sweeney told them when they arrived in DC was that they would no longer be blue vs. black, but would be going back to being singles. Mrs. Mike pointed out that they have only been teams for a couple weeks, so once again they have confused us all. But okay. So the pop challenge was to gather people off the streets to come and work out with them, with Bob and Jillian leading the way….and the one who brought the most people to work out would win. Allen went straight to a fire station to lure his fire fighting “brothers” but it was Liz who drew the biggest crowd and won the challenge.

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The Biggest Loser: It pays to have friends

Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” it was clear that having friends in this game is just as important as whether or not you lose weight. But more on that in a bit.

First, they began by showing the blue team coming back in from elimination, and everyone on the black team was utterly surprised that they had sent Coach Mo home instead of Tracy. The blue team was collectively defending itself and it didn’t seem like they had a good answer, other than maybe Tracy had brainwashed them all. They all stood by their decision. Okay, we’re going to start giving them the benefit of the doubt here…maybe they gave Coach Mo what he wished for and let Tracy hang around so they could eliminate her at a better time.

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