Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” it was clear that having friends in this game is just as important as whether or not you lose weight. But more on that in a bit.

First, they began by showing the blue team coming back in from elimination, and everyone on the black team was utterly surprised that they had sent Coach Mo home instead of Tracy. The blue team was collectively defending itself and it didn’t seem like they had a good answer, other than maybe Tracy had brainwashed them all. They all stood by their decision. Okay, we’re going to start giving them the benefit of the doubt here…maybe they gave Coach Mo what he wished for and let Tracy hang around so they could eliminate her at a better time.

Anyway, they began the show this time with a challenge from host Alison Sweeney. She would have each team dig through a giant pile of sand to find a box with a key in it. Each team had to dig up four keys, which would then open a box to display what their prize was. Alison said only that the prize would determine who would be staying and who would be going home. Yikes. So they started to dig, with Abby and Tracy having to sit out for blue, and Amanda sitting out for black to make things even.

Danny from the black team was first to get his box out, followed by Allen on blue…and then the blue team caught fire and finished the challenge first. Their prize? Tickets home for the week. Rudy and Allen wanted to see their familied bad, but then Alison gave them a choice. They could take the prize, or they could give it to the black team instead. A week off the ranch would likely mean a loss at the next weigh in….so the blue team relented and sent the black team home.

And as you might expect, Amanda, Shay, Abby, Dina, Danny and Daniel met up with their families and then faced a world of temptation and distractions to keep them from their rigorous workout schedule. Meanwhile, the blue team had Bob busting their asses back at the ranch. He gave them bookended last chance workouts at the start and end of the week, and in between took them to a food bank where they were able to help fill backpacks with food for starving kids.

Then they showed that Daniel was struggling in the workout, and Jillian coaxed some hidden emotions in him….that kind of didn’t make sense. His mom had been trying to get him to lose weight his whole life so now he was holding back because of that. Huh? Dude, you’ve lost like 200 pounds almost…you’re not holding anything back. Still, Jillian felt like he wasn’t giving it his all. Okay.

Then came the weigh in…..the blue team went first. Allen lost 8 pounds, Rebecca 5, and Tracy 4. Tracy was all upset because she was hoping for a bigger number. Boo hoo, Tracy. (man, does she have the crazy eyes, or what?). Liz lost 4 and now we had the feeling that after this week of having an advantage the blue team might be in trouble. But big Rudy was next and he lost a whopping 14 pounds, brining their total to 35 pounds, or 2.65%.

The black team went next and needed to lose 45 pounds to stay in this. Amanda lost 6, Shay 5, Abby 4 and Dina 5. Uh-oh. It was down to Danny and Daniel to lose 26 pounds combined. Danny went first and lost 15! Good for him…Mrs. Mike and I are pointing him out as a contender. Then it was up to Daniel. But…he GAINED one pound. Yikes. This kid has had a world of opportunity, getting a second chance no one else gets, and he gained a pound here. Of all people, he should know how to do this at home, right?

So you’d have to think the team would send Daniel home, because he had the worst performance of the week. But think again. Everyone loves Daniel, especially his “teammate” Shay. So you knew he had his own vote and Shay’s. Daniel started and voted for Dina. Dina? What the hell did she do wrong? Then Dina voted for Daniel and then Abby voted for…Dina. Huh? Danny voted for Daniel and it came down to Shay. Oh, well of course Shay voted for Dina too. Mrs. Mike pointed out that maybe Dina didn’t have enough friends..because in the end, why wasn’t it Abby or Amanda? In fact, Abby lost less weight than Dina. But it probably came down to the fact that Dina had Rudy from the black team as her only “friend” here, and Daniel had more friends. That’s it, plain and simple.

So Dina, who had really feared going home, has gone from 253 to 188 pounds and is being inspired by her young son to keep it going. Good for her, and maybe she’ll contend for the $100K. Meanwhile, Daniel is still in it, and of course so is Tracy. Don’t think she won’t send ol’ Lizzie home the first chance she gets.

So what did you think of Dina’s elimination? I didn’t really think it was fair, but I admit I like Daniel and wanted to see him continue.

See you next week!