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The Biggest Loser: it’s curveball time again!

Every season on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the producers have a way of changing things up to the point of having us all scratch our heads. Last night there was more of that, though some of the curves came from natural causes. The first of those was at the start of the episode when Miggy had to call 911 in the middle of the night due to abdominal pain, and was rushed to the hospital.

Then came the return of the blue and yellow teams, who would weigh in to determine which team was coming back to the ranch. The other contestants had no idea that one team would return after 30 days, so they were all surprised and kind of nervous. Host Allison Sweeney instructed the blue and yellow teams to go and weigh in, but instead they were met in the gym by Bob and Jillian, who put them through a last chance workout.

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The Biggest Loser: are they ready to rumble?

It’s getting testy on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” After last week’s challenges and weigh in, it’s clear that Michael is watching his back, as are Miggy and Migdalia. Meanwhile, Lance and Melissa are still liars, and nobody likes a liar.

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The Biggest Loser: week 2 blues

Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” they began with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels talking about how Week 2 is notoriously difficult for contestants. That’s because they typically lose a lot of weight in Week 1 and then their bodies start to rebound and fight back after that.

So Bob went to work with Michael, who came in at 526 pounds, the heaviest contestant ever on the show. Then they showed Dr. Huizenga lecturing the group and discussing how unhealthy they all were. But before he got to the dirty scoop on exactly how unhealthy they were, he had Michael and his mom Maria meet with Bob…and they put weights on Bob that were equivalent to Michael’s excess “baggage.” Then seeing how Bob was practically immobile, it hit Michael how hard just how obese he was and how much he needed to be on this show.

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The Biggest Loser: Interrupted

Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” was cut short by two guys arguing about the economy and foreign policy and health care. Imagine that! Seriously though, the presidential debate gave NBC an excuse to air an hour of the show last night and the concluding hour tonight. In other words, the weigh-in and elimination will occur tonight.

You can’t tell me that the network couldn’t squeeze everything into 60 minutes, but well, there are sponsors to keep happy. So last night all we had were Vicky of the brown team talking about her bad knees that prevent her from running, Phil and Amy (red team?) on their trip home to see their kids (from winning last week’s challenge), and Shellay and Amy (blue team) working out with Jillian one on one (from the first week’s challenge prize). Jillian made it clear who the boss was too…..she rode Shellay really tough because Shellay was wimping out on the exercise machines. Damn, I’d hate for Jillian to be my trainer, but there is no doubt she gets results.

The challenge last night was one in which everyone had to hang from a beam in water, but then had to hang on as the water became lower and lower. It was grueling, but it came down to young Amy and Vicky, and Vicky won, after about two hours! Vicky’s prize was a care package from home and a family theme park vacation. But host Alison Sweeney told Vicky that she could choose one other team to receive a care package, and she not surprisingly chose Amy’s blue team. Meanwhile, the weigh-in was approaching, and Jillian was shown barking at her team some more, telling them they didn’t have the drive that her team last season had. Ouch.

So tonight, the weigh-in, elimination (once again just one teammate will go home) and probably 700 commercials. I can’t wait. See you tomorrow with the results!

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