Every season on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the producers have a way of changing things up to the point of having us all scratch our heads. Last night there was more of that, though some of the curves came from natural causes. The first of those was at the start of the episode when Miggy had to call 911 in the middle of the night due to abdominal pain, and was rushed to the hospital.

Then came the return of the blue and yellow teams, who would weigh in to determine which team was coming back to the ranch. The other contestants had no idea that one team would return after 30 days, so they were all surprised and kind of nervous. Host Allison Sweeney instructed the blue and yellow teams to go and weigh in, but instead they were met in the gym by Bob and Jillian, who put them through a last chance workout.

Before they weighed in, Allison announced that not only would the winning team come back to the ranch, but that they would also have immunity the first week. To make things more interesting, they would also have the only elimination vote at the main weigh in. Wow, now that’s a curveball, and one that really made everyone else worried.

The blue team of Cherita and Vicky went first and they lost 24 and 39 pounds, respectively, for a total of 63 pounds, or 9.92%. Damn. So next was the yellow team of Sunshine and O’Neal. Gotta love that someone named Sunshine is on the yellow team, huh? Anyway, they lost 25 and 51 pounds, respectively, for a whopping 76 pounds or 11.45%. Good for them, but sad for the blue team, who took the loss in stride.

During regular workouts, Bob was really pushing Melissa, and Jillian was pushing Daris through some self-esteem issues. Then they had product placement with Jennie-O turkey, as Bob cooked them all some chili.

After that came the main challenge, and since it’s Super Bowl week in real time, the task would be to push a tackling machine back and forth, and the first player to push 1000 times won. The teams with two players would have to choose one to participate and one to be a cheerleader. But this was a valuable challenge to win, because the prize was immunity. Yikes…that makes two teams immune this week. Also, the team that came in last would have a 2-pound disadvantage at the weigh in. Well, after the red and gray teams battled, Michael of the white team cranked it up and put all of his almost 500 pounds behind it and came away with the victory. The losing team was the pink team.

Then Miggy returned, and announced that she had her appendix taken out, as well as a huge cyst in her abdomen. Yikes. And Dr. H told Miggy she could only walk for exercise, and also that they injected her body with salt water, which would put about 8-9 extra pounds on her. Not good.

Meanwhile, John, who had been working out mostly in a pool, finally worked out in the gym with everyone else and was happy to do so. Then Jillan was shown pushing Ashley harder than ever, and found out that Ashley was holding in some baggage about her dad that passed away when she was young.

After the last chance workout, it was time to weigh in. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell NBC how pissed I am that they ran half of last week’s episode at 7pm CST, opposite “American Idol.” Since I blog Idol too, I couldn’t watch Loser on TiVo delay….I had to watch it with all the commercials, making the 45 minute weigh-in just agonizing. Thanks NBC, thanks for nothing!

So the yellow team and Michael went first, since all three of them were immune. Sunshine and O’Neal each lost 5 pounds. Not great, but not bad. Michael lost 13 pounds, and has now lost 83 pounds in 5 weeks. If he reaches 100 pounds next week, he will break Rudy’s record of 100 pounds in 7 weeks set last seaon. Good for him.

Then the pink team went, and lost 15 pounds total, and 13 with the 2 pound penalty. That was good for 2.54%. The red team of Melissa and Lance lost 5 and 4 pounds, respectively, for 9 pounds total and 1.73%. That made the pink team safe and made the red team very nervous. Orange was next, and while Cheryl lost just 3 pounds, Daris dropped 12, giving them 15 pounds lost and 3.05%.

Next up was Stephanie of the purple team, who lost 5 pounds, or 2.17%. The gray team of Sam and Koli lost 10 and 6 pounds, or 2.42%. But Koli was bummed he only lost 6 when he expects double digits each week. Easy, dude! The black team of Andrea and Darrell weighed in with 5 and 8 pounds lost, or 13 total and 2.10%. All that remained to weigh in were Miggy and John, and the red team was still facing possible elimination.

Miggy, who has been walking like crazy, lost 5 pounds, or 2.37%, to remain on the ranch. Mrs. Mike and I both felt they should have given her a pass this week, but I’m glad she was able to drop 5 pounds and stay on campus. Finally it was John of the brown team. John had to lose 7 pounds, and Bob had announced in the gym that he expected the time in said gym to translate to a big number. Well, no, it didn’t…John lost just 6 pounds, and while he has lost 63 pounds off his 400-pound plus frame, it wasn’t enough this week. And since he was the only remaining brown team member, John was instantly eliminated without the yellow team having to make a decision.

It really does suck that someone that heavy who needs to be there went home at this stage, but that’s how the game is played…and the producers continually remind us that this surely is a game. But for John, it’s been good at home…he’s gone from 484 pounds down to 380, so he’s lost 104 pounds all told so far. I have a feeling either he or his brother James will win the $100K at-home prize.

So that’s it…..weird things happening at the ranch, and if you asked me who I thought might win it all, I don’t think I could tell you at this point. It’s really pretty much wide open. What do you think? Let me know in the space below, and thanks for reading!