Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” they began with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels talking about how Week 2 is notoriously difficult for contestants. That’s because they typically lose a lot of weight in Week 1 and then their bodies start to rebound and fight back after that.

So Bob went to work with Michael, who came in at 526 pounds, the heaviest contestant ever on the show. Then they showed Dr. Huizenga lecturing the group and discussing how unhealthy they all were. But before he got to the dirty scoop on exactly how unhealthy they were, he had Michael and his mom Maria meet with Bob…and they put weights on Bob that were equivalent to Michael’s excess “baggage.” Then seeing how Bob was practically immobile, it hit Michael how hard just how obese he was and how much he needed to be on this show.

After meeting with each team and giving them different test results and respective inspiration to lose weight, they had this week’s challenge with host Alison Sweeney. Each team had to walk a balance beam across a pool and put a corresponding colored ball into a cage, and the team with 10 balls first won. The prize was immunity, but then the team that finished last would have a 2 pound penalty at the weigh in. Yikes. The red team of Lance and Melissa won, and the white team of Michael and Maria finished last, mainly because Maria, who was terrified of water, fell on her face, literally, and messed up her nose and broke a finger. Somehow, though, she got out of the hospital and hit the ground running with her workouts.

Then, after having the Dr. Huizenga blues and dealing with the blues of Week 2, they all weighed in. The red team went first because they had immunity. Lance lost 8 pounds and Melissa gained a pound. Melissa loosely admitted to playing the game, but she backpedaled a bit when Bob called her out, to which Bob laughed in her face……the gray team of Sam and Koli went next and lost 17 pounds…Ashley and Sherry of the pink team lost 13 pounds…..Miggy and Migdalia of the green team lost 12…..then the purple team of Patti and Stephanie lost 4 and 3 pounds, respectively, for a total of 7, and they were in immediate danger of falling below the yellow line…..the orange team of Cheryl and Daris went next and lost 10 pounds….John, the remaining twin brother from the brown team, lost 10 pounds after being told he needed to lose at least 6 to be safe….then the black team of Andrea and Darrell lost 15 pounds….so it was down to the white team. Michael and Maria had to lose something like a combined 13 pounds to be safe, because they also had a two pound penalty. Well, they exceeded expectations, losing 10 and 11 pounds, respectively, for 21 total and another week on campus.

So that left the purple team of Patti and Stephanie below the yellow line, and while at this stage it’s hard to see anyone go home, it was especially hard to see Patti be sent packing because she had diabetes and really needed to lose weight for health reasons. Patti pleaded to the rest of the teams that they should send her home and keep Stephanie there, and so we knew at this point it would be anti-climactic at the voting table, and it was…..everyone they showed with a vote chose Patti, so she went home.

So far, Patti has gone from 243 pounds down to 200, so she is on her way. Meanwhile, Bob and Jillian along with Dr. H really have their work cut out for them this season. But they prove every time that it can be done.

Thanks for reading and see you guys next week….