In this post, we’re going to tell you about apps that can help you stream/watch movies and download them too. We covered apps to include as many OS as possible, though an individual app might not work in certain Operating Systems.

I can never get enough of movies and TV series, and there are fresh new episodes and movies to watch every week. I was introduced to online movie watching a little over a year ago, and since then i have tried out several apps on my smartphone to get on top of my content. Not all have been fruitful, but those that have worked for me, have given stellar performances. Here are five of them:

1. Crackle

What is good in Crackle is the amount of original content the app has. The app has a lovely collection, arguably the most expansive on the internet, and it is completely legal as well. Crackle does not charge you a penny, but will show you a few ads here and there to pay the movie’s makers for the content. The orange-set-in-black interface does not divert your attention unlike other overzealously colored apps. As regards the video quality, you can get the most detailed prints streaming to your device without any hassle. Crackle is available for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon Marketplace, Windows as well as BlackBerry.

2. Showbox

ShowBox is amazing because of the feature. It doesn’t exactly have the most expansive library of movies, but the print quality is exceptional. ShowBox is updated frequently, and you can watch your favorite content anytime, thanks to the download feature. Not many other apps allow you to download the content hosted, no strings attached. ShowBox has a few ads as well. The organisation is pretty helpful, with movies classified according to their genre and with IMDb ratings mentioned, along with chronological labels like for Recent movies, Popular ones or those you have marked favorite while browsing the app’s library. The app is not available on an official app store, but can downloaded from showbox’s official website or via app-based third party marketplaces like 9apps or Vidmate.

3. SnagFilms

There is an app for all sorts of cinema and entertainment tastes. If you like mission based cinema or movies that are edgy, artsy or plain non-normative, SnagFilms could be your kind of app. There is no reason we’d think different; SnagFilms’ library is full of unconventional entertainment that is rare to find on the best of apps. There’s African movies, Korean Cinema, movies with a mission, LGBT movies, star-studded flicks that didn’t get that much attention despite breathtaking performances, short films and documentaries on everything from rock music to animals. This expansive library is available to one and all for free. The app itself can be found on most major app stores, like the App Store and Play Store among others. This is one app I’m a big fan of.

4. Viewster

Viewster is devoted to Anime, though you can use the app for non-anime content as well. Full length Anime movies, shorts, trailers and all other sort of content can be found on the app’s collection. The app interface is pretty cool, though the color scheme could have been better (not exactly a fan of white backgrounds). Viewster’s background and color scheme might be unappealing, but the sheer variety of animated content puts all other apps of its genre to shame. I watched the old Superman Cartoon series on the app, and discovered Wilfred and Bravoman as I binge watched Bokura Ga Ita and Daimao. There is nothing you wouldn’t enjoy in the app. Plus all of this content is free! The app can be installed on Android and iOS.

5. Netflix

Perhaps the biggest entertainment sensation of our times, Netflix takes entertainment several notches higher. The app is a paid service, but offers the first month trial for free. Why I like it is because of its original content; shows like Orange is the New Black, Flash, Arrow and Daredevil are series I have become obsessed with, along with movies like The Fundamentals of Caring. Netflix easily defeats all its rivals in the genre based on this content canon, coupled with the streamlined design of the app. The marketing might have helped, but Netflix is among the best reviewed movie watching services on the internet. The app was initially restricted to iOS, but has recently opened up for Android, and should also be easy to find for Kindle, Windows and Blackberry, which can run the same apk file.

Bonus: Tired of waiting for your downloads to complete? It’s true; some apps in this genre can allow you to download their content to your device, so you can play it when you’re offline. But that usually takes place via the default Android download manager. It can get pretty tiring to download your movie on such a slow interface. So we have an app to help you hasten your downloads a bit. The app called SnapTube can speed up your downloads by several times. Install the app by downloading its apk file, and then open each download link via SnapTube. Your downloads will complete in half the time they used to take earlier. You can thank us later.

There are several other apps you can use to watch content you like; Play View, TubiTV and Hulu are just some of them. What worked for us might not cut it with you. Which is your favorite app of the genre? Do let us know via the comments.