Short cult films and full length films have a long tradition of loyal fans spanning decades and decades of loyalty. These cult films could range from comedies, to musicals, to horror flicks. Short Cult Films can also be shrouded in dark recesses of the human mind and go places where normal film makers wouldn’t. A cult producer can push the envelope of creativity and go against the grain of what the norm is. Instead of a normal color film, they can go with a darker black and white picture. Some can be psychological, using images so that the viewer comes up with their own interpretation of what they are seeing. Music can often set the scene and the tone of how it is viewed. If the images are dark and morbid then haunting sounds can be used to invoke those feelings with what they are seeing.

Other ritualistic cult classics can range from annual get together in a theater and involve audience participation right down to costumes. The appeal of the cult film is that it can be passed down to generations within a family. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the film is they can be passed down from generation to generation and never lose its meaning. Many outsiders don’t understand the appeal of these cult films but many times these films over a sense of belonging and community that ordinary films don’t. Entire languages can be built and conventions can be held honoring whatever the film is.

The Short Cult films can go deeper into the realm of human behavior and where normal films wouldn’t dare tread or because the mainstream public wouldn’t buy into. There are a number of genre’s that cult films can fall into. These can be psychological suspense thrillers that don’t SEEM to be thrillers but in the end deliver what the audience paid for and as different as a musical. It’s all up to the storyteller to spin the story and the visual cues. It is up to the writer to communicate what it is they are trying to convey so the producer gets the feeling correct. Many time cult classics reach out to people and appeals to them for some reason which ends up making it a cult classic.

Cult classics may not be the norm and may not make millions of dollars but that is why they fall into this category. They are different in its appeal and probably not well known other than to its followers. The film itself is AGELESS. The actors and actresses of the film may be long gone but they will live in infamy thanks to the film they appeared in.