Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC was overshadowed again by “The Voice,” and that’s fine because it kept the show to one hour. It was also, finally, makeover week. “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn rode in on a horse and buggy to the Biggest Loser ranch and announced that it was not only makeover week, but that he had two surprises.

So the five semi-finalists–Austin, Hannah, Olivia, Irene and Jay–were treated to makeovers, and most of them looked great. Hannah’s hair was dyed blonde and looked borderline hideous. Then they had their family members waiting for them back at the ranch for a celebration, including Gunn’s hiring of the band One Republic. Well, I know he didn’t actually hire them, but you get the drift.

Then they all met on the beach for their challenge, and host Alison Sweeney announced that they were giving away two Mazda 5 cars. To win, they had to dig through car-shaped sand castles and pull out a key, then run a 1/4 mile down the beach and pier to the cars and see if the key would work. Irene won after I think two tries, and then it took a long time for the next winner, who was Olivia.

Then after the last chance workout, it was time for the big weigh-in. Hannah was first and lost 2 pounds; Jay lost 3 and suddenly both of them looked like they were in trouble. Austin pulled a 7, Irene lost just 2 (but weighs in the 150’s) and Olivia lost 4. That brought Olivia to 100 pounds lost, and she had promised everyone that if she did that, she would sing on the scale (Olivia is an opera singer). But before that, they had to choose between Hannah and Jay to go home.

But wait…..Tim Gunn’s voice and image appeared and he told them all that he had that final surprise to announce–the erasure of the yellow line. No one was going home! That was awesome. But not as awesome as Olivia’s voice…holy crap. All of the contestants and trainers were open-mouthed and teary-eyed after that. Wow.

So that’s it…there are still five remaining and just a couple more episodes of the show to go. Next week we’ll reach the final four for real. See you then!