Last night was the season premier of “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” and it sure was interesting. The producers always try to keep both you and the contestants guessing, and last night they did that, and in fact they are still doing it as you read this today. That’s because the two trainers they added this season still have no identities, and why they won’t just come out and say who they are is just plain annoying. But more on that in a bit.

At the start they focused on Arthur, who at 5’8″ and 507 pounds is the largest person in density this show has ever seen. This season also includes Moses, a 400-plus pound man who is of Tongan descent, just like Sam and Koli and Filipe and Sione were in seasons past–proof that those folks love to eat and eat bad things. There is also Rulon Gardner, the wrestler who won a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics and also competed in the 2004 games, but who is now over 400 pounds. The theme is couples too, which only means that the contestants were brought on in pairs–parents and children, siblings or just friends.

So after introducing rock star trainers Bob and Jillian, it was time to work out. Or was it? Well, sort of. They had their first challenge, running a 5 K on a treadmill. The teams had the option to choose their training team based on what order they finished the race in. They could stay on the ranch and train with Bob and Jillian; or they could train with the “unknown” trainers in an undisclosed location, which turned out to be the Biggest Loser fitness ranch. But wait, there’s more. Going with the unknown training situation also came with FOUR weeks of immunity. Holy crap.

So the yellow team of Rulon and Justin finished first, followed by the gray team of Kaylee and Moses–and both went with the unknown. The aqua team of Marci and Courtney went with Bob and Jillian as did the green team of Jay and Jen. The brown team of Ken and Austin went with the unknown, the purple team of Hannah and Olivia went with the ranch. Two spots remained for the uknown and the next two teams chose them–the pink team of Sarah and Deni and the red team of Larialmy and Q.

Then after showing contestants working out a fitness ridge with only silhouettes with voices as trainers, they showed a last chance workout with those at the ranch. They then showed a small part of the weigh in at fitness ridge–Rulon and Justin lost a combined 59 pounds, and Moses lost a whopping 41 pounds! Those trainers are not screwing around.

So now it was time for those on the ranch to weigh in. Marci and Courtney went first and lost 14 and 15 pounds, respectively; Arthur lost 31 and Jesse 7; Jen lost 20 while her dad Jay lost 26; Olivia and Hannah lost 16 pounds each; Ana lost 9 while her daughter Irene lost 13; and twin brothers Dan and Don lost 21 and 19. So the team with the lowest percentage was the orange team of Ana and Irene. That meant that everyone else on the ranch voted for which team member to send home, and which one to keep.

Ana pleaded with everyone to send her home and let Irene stay, and that’s how the voting went. There certainly is no gameplay at this stage, so it would just be a subjective vote. They showed Ana at home and she has gone from 255 pounds to 205, with hopes to lose 100 pounds overall. Good for her!

Meanwhile, we still have no idea who these new trainers are. We know they exist and that they have credentials and even that they can get results in Week 1. But really, not showing who they are after one full episode? That’s just bogus.

See you all next week….