Well, the Sons have finally arrived in Ireland, and to celebrate the occasion, tonight’s episode was a supersized 90-minute edition with a cool Celtic version of the “This Life” theme song to boot. Unfortunately, that also means that Charming is going to be a dreary place for the remainder of the season, although the writers are clearly trying to make it somewhat interesting. For starters, it gives Tig and Kozik plenty of time to kiss and make up – especially now that Tig has had his license revoked due to his little stunt at the end of last week’s episode. We also now know that their beef goes back eight years, and it has something to do with a girl, which Chucky so eloquently confirms with the quote of the night: “Judging by their level of malevolence, there’s gotta be at least one vagina involved.”

And when they’re not bickering like an old couple, Tig and Kozik are going to be pretty busy trying to keep the peace in Charming all on their own, because there are still plenty of bad guys lurking about – particularly Jacob Hale, who will do anything to get SAMCRO out of his town. At the moment, however, he’s more concerned with convincing Lumpy to sell his boxing gym so that he can begin building his hotels. Hale hires Darby to put the pressure on, but when Lumpy refuses the offer, Darby returns the money because he doesn’t want to kill the old man. Hale in turn finds someone else to do his dirty work, but it seems strange that he’d get in bed with Salazar considering his MC was the one responsible for killing his little brother. He doesn’t see it that way, of course, but that’s just out of blind hatred for SAMCRO. Of course, Salazar wouldn’t have done any damage if the prospect that Tig left in charge wasn’t such a pussy, but the experience was obviously enough to convince him that the life of an outlaw biker wasn’t for him, as he left his cut and gun and rode away. Good riddance.


I can’t wait to say the same about Tara’s pregnancy drama, because this is easily the weakest storyline at the moment. Why doesn’t she just tell Jax and get it over with? We all know she isn’t going to get an abortion, even though her supervisor Margaret seems to think it’s a good idea, and though she asked to schedule an appointment while at the abortion clinic with Lyla (yep, she’s pregnant too – SAMCRO is certainly a fertile bunch), she’ll change her mind eventually. And if she doesn’t, well, that’s going to be a pretty big secret to keep from Jax after he returns from Ireland with Abel, they reconcile their relationship, and she starts having regrets about not keeping the baby. The whole thing is just ridiculous, so let’s move on.

Over on the other side of the world, the Sons are making their way up from Manchester to Belfast when they get stopped by a supposedly random police checkpoint. The only problem is, the police know all about the Sons’ criminal activities in California, and after a quick tussle, they’re all arrested and thrown into the back of the paddy wagon. Their detainment doesn’t last for long, however, as Gemma drives a transport truck straight into one the police vehicles, allowing SAMBEL to overtake the police and free the Sons. It seems they were paid off by an anonymous source to capture and ship them back to the States upon arrival, and though no one can prove it was Jimmy O who sanctioned the setup, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point. And from the way that Clay and Jax were looking at Liam, they don’t seem convinced that he’s being completely loyal to the MC.

The rest of the episode was pretty much a big party as the Sons were welcomed to Ireland by their overseas brothers, complete with lots of drinking (duh) and some bare-knuckle boxing. Chibs was also reunited with Fiona and his daughter, and Maureen and Trinity introduced themselves to Jax and the family, the latter of which may have some frightening consequences down the road. Gemma may be conflicted about telling Jax about Trinity, but she better let him know soon, because at the rate things are going, Jax is going to be banging Trinity in no time. Thankfully, Father Ashby’s arrival prevented any weird incestual calamities from happening, as Jax was much more interested in speaking with him. It was also nice to see that Ashby was straight with Jax from the get-go, filling him in on Jimmy’s plans to end the IRA’s relationship with the Sons and how Ashby needs SAMCRO to kill Jimmy for him. Of course, he also told Jax that Abel is safe and will be returned to him when Jimmy is no longer a threat (i.e. dead), but from the looks of the final scene – which saw a couple adopting Abel from the orphanage – that might be a little easier said than done.