Today we have two videos promoting upcoming films that I’m expecting to be deeply silly while exciting their core demographic to it’s very, er, core.

Via Mike Fleming, this first look online at Disney’s “Tron: Legacy” featuring the music of Daft Punk. I have to say, I recently took a second look at the original “Tron” and the less I say probably the better, but watching this doesn’t cause me pain. There was a 20 minute preview and I wonder how that would hold up.

Geek though I be, such is my dislike of the original “Tron” movie that I’d probably be more appropriate reviewer of the following movie: “Never Say Never” a music documentary/promotional vehicle starring the one, the only, Justin Beiber — because every generation needs its own Frankie Avalon.

After the flip, a bonus video which, given the title of the Beiber-flick, I’d really like to see Beiber perform. I mean, I know the Beiber “Never Say Never” is different, but it would certainly increase my respect for him if he could come up with a medley of his song and the one after the flip.