Courtesy of Funny or Die and via JoBlo we have the new red band trailer for the upcoming R-rated comedy directed by Miguel Arteta, starring Michael Cera and adapted from the epistolary (look it up!) novel by C.D. Payne¬† featuring his Nick Twisp character, “Youth in Revolt.” Since this is red band and we have some of what you might call “coarse sexual language” F-words included, the usual warnings about watching this at work apply. (Of course, assuming that you’re allowed to even be here at all…you are on your break, right?)

Pretty funny stuff but, at least on the surface, this seems almost like a teen, WASP version of an earlier film, and if you haven’t figured it out already, you can find out what it is right after the flip.

So, who would you rather be advised by on sexual and romantic matters: Michael Cera in a pedostache (my vocabulary word for the day!) or Bogie? Francois might be a funny acting stretch for Cera, but it’s not really a contest, I’m afraid.

Trust me, it works out just fine for Bogie in the movie. (And in real life he’d already married the much younger Lauren Bacall after meeting her on “To Have and Have Not.”)