It’s hard to believe we’re just a few short weeks away from the finale of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” but there it is. Last night we went from six contestants to five, and either they are going to have a final 3 again, or they are going to throw us another curveball and let someone else back in….these tricky producers have done it before, and I have a funny feeling it’s coming.

Meanwhile, last night the six hopefuls were treated to makeovers, led by “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn, and a TV Guide sponsored event that had each contestant share their personal journey wth their families and an audience of about 300. Most of them looked pretty good, but I’m not sure why they insisted on cutting Rebecca’s hair so short…both her and Amanda were made to look like ten years older.

Then came the challenge for the week, and host Alison Sweeney said something about telling them all at the start of this season that they would be “reaching new heights.” Well, they had to pull themselves across cables 200 feet in the air across a large ravine. No, thank you. Actually Liz really didn’t want to do this as she is afraid of heights, but she pressed on with her eyes closed. Meanwhile, the winner of the challenge was Rudy, and his prize was a two-week trip to the new Biggest Loser Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah. Afterward, trainer Bob Harper met with Allen and asked him why he wasn’t winning any challenges, especially since he is a burly firefighter who seems to be in excellent shape now. Allen admitted he’s sort of laying back, playing the game and trying not to make enemies. Hmmm, okay.

Then after cramming a week’s worth of workouts into one day, it was time to weigh in. Danny went first and lost 12 pounds, giving him six straight weeks of double digit weight loss, an amazing feat. But this wasn’t the only amazing feat. Rudy lost 16 pounds, and his 134 pounds lost was the most in a 10-week period in Biggest Loser history. Wow. Needless to say, these two guys were likely safe.

Allen was next and lost 5 pounds, a great accomplishment at this stage but not compared to Rudy and Danny. Rebecca was next and lost just 3 pounds, putting her, for the moment, in last place. Liz went next and also lost 3, putting her and Rebecca below the yellow line and keeping Allen safe. Then it was Amanda…..and she came through with a 9 pound loss, her best week yet, and it brought her under 200 pounds to 193 for the first time. Good for her, and don’t forget, America voted her in! (insert sarcasm).

So it was between Liz and Rebecca, and they each started to plead their case to the voters….but Liz had almost no fire in her plea and Allen told her she needed to show some fight quickly. Meanwhile, Rebecca pulled Allen and Rudy aside and begged them to keep her there, saying Liz had been below the yellow line many times while this was her first time.

Somehow you could just tell that Liz had more friends in the house, couldn’t you? Anyway, Amanda went first and voted for Liz, naturally, because her and Rebecca were teammates and buds from the start. Then Danny went and voted for Rebecca, and that was also no surprise because Liz was his teammate for a while. We all knew Rudy and Allen were the swing votes, but all it would take was one of them to vote off Rebecca because she also held the tiebreaker with the lowest percentage of weight loss.

So Rudy voted for….Rebecca. And then what ensued is sort of baffling. Rudy said it was because of trust issues, that Rebecca had given him reason to believe she couldn’t be trusted when they were blue vs. black…well not only did Rebecca feel blind-sided, but the other contestants, Alison Sweeney, me, Mrs. Mike and all of America are still trying to figure that one out. Me thinks Rudy has some issues of his own…remember that whole thing with Shay last week? Dude is just a gameplayer wrapped up in a large man’s body. Rebecca was pissed, but really, the guy had to vote off one person or another, and he thought Rebecca was a bigger threat, plain and simple. Issues or no, I have no problem with that.

Then they showed Rebecca going home to Des Moines, where she would run a half-marathon. She also has now lost 107 pounds, down from 276 to 169. Damn, that’s amazing. But she’s not going to win the big prize. That will be between Rudy, Allen, Danny, Liz and Amanda…..and maybe a mystery re-enter? I’m not spouting off about something I know that you all don’t, I just have a hunch. What do you think? And does anyone know what that whole Rudy/Rebecca thing was all about? Speak up! And thanks for reading!