So last night’s “Biggest Loser” on NBC began with the black team explaining to the blue team why they eliminated Dina, and Liz and Rudy, who were both good friends with Dina, were pissed. Liz even said that they were showing fake tears. Then back to business, host Alison Sweeney said that this week would be head to head matches between blue and black team members. And they would have a pop challenge to determine who would choose those teams.

The pop challenge was one in which each team had to have a relay race in which they would go back and forth in a ten foot line and touch a button at each end. They would have to touch the buttons a total of 500 times and the first team there won. Pretty simple, right? Well, Abby and Tracey were allowed to participate for a change because this was a somewhat easier exercise. But Abby could only do 20 touches. And the blue team got off to a better start, as usual. I felt myself pulling for the black team because I just don’t want to see Tracey win anymore. Of course, with Daniel bringing up the rear for the black team against Rebecca, the blue team won….again. So they were able to choose the opponents.

It would be Rebecca vs. Amanda, Tracey vs. Abby, Allen vs. Danny, Rudy vs. Shay and Liz vs. Daniel. I’m not sure there would be any big advantages one way or the other for the teammates, but it had to be in the black teams’ head that the blue team had control.

During routine workouts, Amanda was struggling with Jillian in her face, and she wound up walking out of the gym. Real good Amanda….no wonder your team keeps losing challenges.

Then came the main challenge on a baseball field, where the contestants had to wear baseball uniforms with the number on each uniform signifying how many pounds each one had lost. And there were all these baseballs in the field. Then Derek Jeter came up on the screen and started giving the black team a pep talk, literally. Anyway, each team would have to gather baseballs and throw them into a bin representing a player on the other team, and when they reached 316 (the number had significance to Jeter’s career, but I don’t remember how) that player would be eliminated, and so on until one team had no players left.

Allen was the first player eliminated, putting the blue team at a huge disadvantage to start out. Amanda was next, and then two more blue team members, Rebecca and Rudy, followed by Daniel. That left Liz to face off against Danny and Shay by herself, and you know how that one turned out. The black team finally won a challenge! Their prize would be a lunch cooked by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, and a 2 pound advantage at the weigh in. They could give that advantage to one player, or spread it out amongst the whole team.

At the last chance workout, they focused on Abby again, with Jillian having her explain what it was like to lose her entire family in a car crash. So horrible, and just so hard to watch that! Anyway, Mrs. Mike pointed out that since they had focused on Amanda and Abby, one of them was probably going home this week.

Then came the weigh in, and the black team decided to give Amanda the two pounds because she told them she had a rough week. Waah-waah! Amanda lost 4 pounds, which gave her 6 total, but of course Rebecca lost 9 pounds and blew Amanda out of the water. Blue team 1-0. Then it was Abby vs. Tracey, and Abby lost just 3 pounds while Tracey lost 5. Blue team 2-0. Yikes.

Then Danny lost 12 while his opponent Allen lost 8. Blue team leads 2-1. Daniel was next, and remember he gained weight last week. So he had to lose like 15 pounds, right? Nope, he lost 5, prompting Jillian to basically scream at him and wonder out loud what the hell was wrong with Daniel. Liz lost 7 pounds, crushing Daniel and the black team’s hopes. But they still had to see how Shay and Rudy did. Shay lost 9 pounds, but Rudy lost 14. That meant Rudy was the fastest contestant ever to lose 100 pounds, which he did in 7 weeks, one more week than Dane last season. And for added inspiration for Rudy, Dane was there to cheer him on.

So the black team had to send someone home, again. And Liz commented that this time they would have “real” tears to shed. Ha!
Abby pleaded with her teammates to send her home, because she had accomplished what she wanted to on this journey, to get her life back on track. Does Mrs. Mike have the producers figured out? I think so!

At the judgement table, Abby went first and chose Amanda, though it was sort of like going through the motions. Shay chose Abby and so did Amanda. Then Danny chose Daniel, because he felt Daniel had failed the team. Good for Danny! Then Daniel chose Abby, and that punched Abby’s ticket home.

Abby lost 46 pounds on the ranch, going from 247 to 201, and then went home to begin a new career as a motivational speaker. Good for her, because she will no doubt be able to help so many people cope when things look really bleak. And of course, she’s still losing weight, having lost a total of 80 pounds. You go, Abby!

So we’re down to nine contestants now, and amazingly, Tracey is still there! You have to think if the black team loses again next week, they are going to even out the teams again, maybe by giving them Tracey. We’ll see. Anyway, it’s heating up as the weather cools down for most of us….who do you like? I’m pulling for Danny, followed by Rudy and Shay.

See you guys next week and please feel free to leave your comments below….