In the interest of full disclosure, I’m writing this post on Wednesday, April 8, because I do not want to leave you good people hanging while I disappear for a couple weeks to spend some time with my new kiddo, hence the generic title for this week’s blog. The downside to taking next week off is that just yesterday I interviewed Jacqueline Bauer herself, the lovely Annie Wersching, and she said she was going to check out my blog this week. D’oh! Please come back in two weeks, Annie. I swear I’ll make it worth your while.

Update: Holy fucking shit, I picked a bad week to go on baby leave. Tony killed Dudley! Nooooooooo!

In the meantime, faithful “24” blog readers, let’s have some fun. I’ve attached some “episodic photos” from various episodes of this season’s “24.” Your assignment is to come up with a killer caption for each.




This one’s for you, GiantGary…


I will announce the winners for each picture when I return on April 27. In the meantime, we will post another blog entry – and more photos, yay! – the following Monday night to give you guys the chance to vent about that week’s episode. Have fun!