Last night’s “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX began with the red team telling Lacey she was lucky that Ji hurt herself and had to ask off the show, because otherwise it would have been her going home. Lacey was getting tired of the girls all ganging up on her, even telling Andrea that she had a “bitch switch.”

Then, as they did last time, the chefs were woken up at 6am the way no one ever wants to be woken up–loudly. Then they were whisked off to a meat packing plant, and some of them knew to be paying attention. That’s because Gordon Ramsay had a challenge for them waiting at the restaurant, in which they had to match tags to cuts of beef, and then place those tags on their matching place on a cow model. After some real screw-ups (Lacey and Seth almost knew none of the correct answers), Ben bailed the guys out by correctly place every tag on the cow. The blue team won and were awarded a private jet trip to wine country, where they had lunch at a steakhouse with Ramsay.

Meanwhile, the red team had to carry sides of beef in from a delivery truck and then cut them all into portions for the dinner that night. Then it got worse. They were humiliated by having to dine on the scraps–tongue, heart, etc.–for lunch and were given barf bags too. Most of the ladies puked and were saying how they would never lose a challenge again. It definitely was making them stronger.

Ramsay announced that Hell’s Kitchen would be a steakhouse that night, but that the teams would take turns cooking and serving. The red team was serving first while the blue team cooked. Charlie was slow and inefficient in the kitchen and Ben made the huge mistake of making desserts first. Lacey, meanwhile, was horrible as a waitress, forgetting orders and messing them up. Giovanni was cooking steaks and since this was what he did for a living back home, you’d expect him to perform well, but he didn’t undercooking steaks like crazy. Seth was asked to trim a filet and trimmed it to the point of wasting most of it, which made Ramsay’s head almost pop off. At that point, Ramsay shut down the kitchen and had them switch sides.

Charlie messed up as a waiter too, spilling bacon all over one table. Coleen was having trouble remembering the orders as Ramsay called him out, and we already know he doesn’t like her. The guys were bringing steaks back to the kitchen, saying they weren’t cooked properly, but Ramsay argued that they were and blamed the guys for trying to sabotage the ladies.

In the end, it was the customer feedback and number of orders that left the kitchen that determined the winning team. The worse servers were Charlie and Lacey, and the red team won by delivering more dinners. So the blue team had to nominate two for elimination, and they chose Charlie and Seth–Charlie for obvious reasons and Seth because he butchered (literally) the meat and because no one likes him. When Ramsay asked J for the nominations, Seth argued that he didn’t agree, because he thought Giovanni performed worse than he did. But Ramsay wasn’t buying it. He asked them to step forward, and when Seth babbled on about why he should stay, Ramsay asked him if he “had an off switch.” Pretty funny stuff. But then, he wound up sending Charlie home.

The guys were not happy about this, because they really don’t like Seth at all, and he’s getting on America’s nerves too. I’m sure of it because he’s getting on mine. But Charlie was the right choice, because you can’t screw up as much as he did and succeed in Hell’s Kitchen.

Next week they promise to have the most shocking episode ever! Seriously, calm down, you producers…it’s just a TV show.