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Happy #65, Herr Wenders and Mr. Martin

I don’t know what astrologers will make of it, but 65 years ago today, a German infant in Dusseldorf and a relatively poor not-black child in Waco, were born.

One became one of the most influential and popular serious film makers of his time. Here’s a moment from probably my second favorite film of my least favorite movie decade, “Wings of Desire” starring Bruno Ganz as an angel who envies us mortals.

Today’s other birthday boy became a rather talented comedian, writer, and actor and a bit underrated at all of it.

A confession: I’ve never seen “The Jerk.” Another one for the Netflix queue.

A Chat with Dean Stockwell (“Battlestar Galactica: The Plan”)

Dean Stockwell is one of those generational actors, the kind who’s known for a different project for every decade that he’s been in the business…and since he was playing against the likes of Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly by the time he was ten years old, that’s a lot of projects. Maybe you know him from “The Boy with the Green Hair” or “Gentleman’s Agreement,” or perhaps from his work as Al on “Quantum Leap,” or as Ben in David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet.” In short, the guy gets around. As of late, he’s been picking up raves for his portrayal of the Cavil model of Cylon in “Battlestar Galactica,” a role which he has reprised for the new film, “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.” We chatted with him about just how evil Cavil is, of course, but we also learned about his connection to Neil Young, his longtime friendship with Dennis Hopper, and that, once upon a time, there was actually a chance that a film entitled “Werewolf of Washington” could’ve been a classic.

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