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American Idol: ladies not on par

Look, it’s not like these ladies in the Top 24 of “American Idol” suck. But I think there was a distinct difference in the quality of performances from the guys Tuesday night to the girls Wednesday. I think the judges turned in a lousy performance last night as well, propping up several of the singers who just plain sucked, and doling out unnecessary criticism of others who were pretty good. So with that, I’m going to give you the recap based on my own thoughts, and add what the judges said……

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American Idol: competing with the Olympics

As Fox tries desperately to compete with NBC’s Winter Olympic coverage, they keep unveiling “first time in American Idol history” type stuff, which really is just a small break in format during Hollywood week.
But I’ll give them this…they are getting down to the final 24 quickly. Almost too quickly.

Last night’s two-hour episode began with the final 71 contestants being broken into three rooms. Two rooms would hold those advancing to the next round, and one room full of those heading home. This, after one final shot to impress the judges with a solo performance.

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