It’s on. The producers of “The Biggest Loser” have now created a rivalry that goes beyond what they have had before–a rivalry between those on the ranch and “the unknowns.” They know who the competition is, but not the other two trainers or even where they are (less than ten miles away at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort).
They promise we’ll see the faces of these trainers next week. At this point, whoop-dee-freaking-do. But the rivalry is very real. That’s because, the “unknowns” lost more weight with five teams last week than the ranch group lost with six teams.

So this week, host Alison Sweeney proposed a challenge to each group–if the ranch team lost a higher percentage of weight this week, they would all have immunity and also $10K to split among them. For the unknowns, they all had immunity anyway, so their incentive was the $10K as well as pride. And I don’t know if it was all staged, but this unknown crew is damn cocky. They proved that by sending the ranch group a few dozen donuts for temptation purposes. Poor Arthur, all 500-plus pounds of him, almost ate donuts that were crushed under their boxes that he and his teammates had stepped on. Thankfully he didn’t give in, but yikes!

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