It’s on. The producers of “The Biggest Loser” have now created a rivalry that goes beyond what they have had before–a rivalry between those on the ranch and “the unknowns.” They know who the competition is, but not the other two trainers or even where they are (less than ten miles away at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort).
They promise we’ll see the faces of these trainers next week. At this point, whoop-dee-freaking-do. But the rivalry is very real. That’s because, the “unknowns” lost more weight with five teams last week than the ranch group lost with six teams.

So this week, host Alison Sweeney proposed a challenge to each group–if the ranch team lost a higher percentage of weight this week, they would all have immunity and also $10K to split among them. For the unknowns, they all had immunity anyway, so their incentive was the $10K as well as pride. And I don’t know if it was all staged, but this unknown crew is damn cocky. They proved that by sending the ranch group a few dozen donuts for temptation purposes. Poor Arthur, all 500-plus pounds of him, almost ate donuts that were crushed under their boxes that he and his teammates had stepped on. Thankfully he didn’t give in, but yikes!

To top it off, the unknowns sent a taunting video to the ranch group before their challenge–which was to transport their entire groups across a river using rafts that they would have to string together. The unknowns were shown working in perfect tandem and finished the challenge in 38 minutes 23 seconds. Meanwhile, the ranch folks couldn’t make a decision or get a gameplan together before Alison blew the whistle to start, and it took them longer to get to the mid-way point than it took the unknowns to cross the river. Yikes, again.

After a bunch of last-chance workout fluff that I couldn’t bear to watch, it was time to weigh in. Jillian was out sick, so it was just Bob training the ranch folks and at the weigh in this week, and Alison started out by reminding these folks that the unknowns “destroyed” them in the challenge, prompting Bob to say that was disrespectful. Ouch! Was that staged or real?

However, the unknowns, only lost 79 pounds. That doesn’t seem like much, but then again, it IS Week 2. But having won the challenge, the unknowns also had a 3-pound advantage, giving them 82 pounds, or 2.46%.

Arthur kept spouting off that they “had this in the bag,” and that made it seem like “uh-oh, they are going to blow it, aren’t they?”

Irene went first and lost 10 pounds, a great start. But Dan lost 8 and Don 5, and then Olivia and Hannah 6 pounds each. Uh-oh. Jen lost 8 while her dad Jay lost 10, which helped. Then Marci lost 6 pounds and her daughter Courtney 10, bringing Courtney below 300 pounds for the first time in a long time. So the team of Jesse and Arthur had to lose more than 9 pounds to win, and Arthur, bless his heart, was telling his team to start celebrating. You just knew this wouldn’t end well, right? Wrong. Jesse lost 8 pounds and Arthur a whopping 13, setting off a huge celebration, including the rotund Arthur dancing in place. Funny stuff, and a feel-good ending to the episode since the unknowns have become huge smack-talkers.

So the ranch group lost 90 pounds, or 2.81%, and they all had immunity for another week. Well all right, but that probably means a double elimination next week. We’ll see, and we’ll also see the faces of the other two trainers. Yippeee!!