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Parody time: “The Video Website”

It used to be that it was only after a movie was released that filmmakers had to endure devastatingly accurate parodies of their film. Well, thanks to the Web 2.0, those days are long over. Now, all people need to bag on you and generate some mirth is a widely praised but perhaps excessively serious trailer.

Thanks to the wonders of the ‘net, we have this spot-on parody of the promotion for David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s apparently highly dramatic look at the creation of Facebook, “The Social Network,” that ran here and everywhere a few weeks back. If you somehow missed it, watch it via our wayback machine, then come back and watch this.

In my opinion — excuse me, IMO — these guys nailed everything both good and slightly irritating about that earlier trailer. Nice.

h/t /Film

First non-teaser trailer for “The Social Network”

I didn’t want to waste any time getting this posted as I have a strong feeling that “the Facebook movie,” directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin, is going to be one of the big films this year, quite possibly at awards time. It certainly looks better than “Benjamin Button.”

Definitely more Fincher than Sorkin, which will relieve the Sorkin-dislikers — and they are perhaps even more legion than Joss Whedon-skeptics, perhaps not too coincidentally. (Excess cleverness annoys people if they don’t find it clever.) The first part of this reminded me more of a traditional high-end corporate commercial than a typical trailer. The tagline is memorable, but I have a feeling it will get very old, very fast.

One thing, this looks like a possible breakthrough role for Jessie Eisenberg while future Spider-Man Andrew Garfield seems to be in more of a supporting role, at least in this trailer. I do have to say that, by using that choral rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” and some of those deliberate Fincher camera moves, they get a very somber tone.¬† I guess that’s okay, but it’s not like anyone was killed in the founding¬† of Facebook…or were they?

Also, note how they throw in what looks like a totally random shot of an attractive young lady walking away from us in rather minimal panties. It’s important that we know there is a hot girl in panties walking away from us somewhere in this movie.

But seriously folks, I’m delaying tonight’s box office preview slightly, but it should be up VERY early tomorrow.

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