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Celebrate falling back with two dipsomaniacal pre-music videos

Since tonight is “fall back” night and we all get an extra hour of sleep and/or recovery tomorrow morning, these two booze-themed films featuring musical madman Spike Jones — who gave director/performer Spike Jonze his name — somehow seem appropriate.

It’s funny how back in the 80s, everyone treated music videos like they were something new. How is this made-for-the-big-screen version of Jones’ signature mis-arrangement, “Cocktails for Two,” originally written as a serious celebration of the end of prohibition, any different from a typical Weird Al video?

H/t ex-boozer Roger Ebert, who also has a new short film by today’s Spike Jonze on offer.

An alcoholic bonus theatrical short subject with the earlier Mr. Jones is on offer after the flip.

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A hat for J.J. Hunsecker

Considering this morning’s mishegas between me and certain newly widely read show biz blogger in the comments section of this post, I thought a look back at the mystique of the super powerful columnists of olden times might be in order. Believe me, whatever you think about Nikki Finke, she’s as harmless as her now legendary pussycat when compared to folks like Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, and, even more so, Walter Winchell, especially as fictionalized in a certain 1957 classic.

And here’s the late Miss Hopper in a lighter mood, with music by the great Spike Jones and his City Slickers

A somewhat abbreviated box office preview — mercifully there’s only one new major release this week though that’s not quite the whole story — will be coming along Friday morning/afternoon (depending on where you live and how early I get up).

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