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Sons of Anarchy 2.13 – Na Triobloidi

If you didn’t know Kurt Sutter worked on “The Shield” prior to last night’s episode, you probably figured it out by the time it was over. All I have to say is that Shawn Ryan taught him well, because the season finale was just as heart-wrenchingly upsetting as any hour of television Ryan produced in the past. Let me explain. I don’t mean it was upsetting in the sense that I didn’t enjoy it, but rather that when it ended, all I could think about was the fact that I’d have to wait nine long months for its conclusion. Many critics have argued in the past that shorter TV seasons improve the quality of the show (and I agree), but if there’s any downside to that model, it’s that you have to wait even longer for their return.

Though the season finale left quite a few cliffhangers for fans to dwell on during the winter months, there was at least some feeling of completion with the death of AJ Weston. After the sheriff’s department was forced to let him go because Chucky’s testimony didn’t hold up, Weston is warned to get the hell out Charming as fast as he can. Before he leaves, however, Weston convinces Hale to set up a supervised visit with his kid, and when Jax catches wind of the news, he intercepts him to deliver his revenge. At least Weston took it like a man, because the same can’t be said of Ethan Zobelle. Of course, that’s because Zobelle is a different kind of monster completely. In fact, it turns out he’s an FBI snitch, which forces Hale to cut him loose as well, only for Zobelle to go run to the Mayans for protection.


While the Sons wait out a seemingly inevitable showdown with the Mayans in the middle of town, Zobelle plans his getaway to Budapest. His daughter wants to say her goodbyes to Edmond first, though, and it turns out to be an unwise decision, because Gemma follows her there and shoots her dead. What Gemma doesn’t realize is that Agent Stahl is also in the house – still trying to get her shit together after she killed Edmond during an attempted escape – and now Stahl has framed her for both murders. She’s nice enough to give Gemma a head start, but that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. After all, regardless of when he gets caught, it’s going to be pretty difficult to prove her innocence when the only other witness in the room is not only the real murderer, but a federal agent as well. Getting the Sons out of those gun charges is one thing, but how are they going to get Gemma out of this mess? You’ve got me, but for the time being, Wayne seems content with the idea of running away with her.

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Sons of Anarchy 2.12 – Culling

If there’s one complaint that I had about last year’s season finale, it’s that most of the good stuff happened the week before. That wasn’t the case last night, however, despite the fact that it sure seemed like it was headed that way. Instead, we got a good tease as to what might just happen when the Sons finally get a little alone time with Ethan Zobelle and AJ Weston. They’ve already started planning for it by gathering everyone’s families and friends at the clubhouse to provide protection, while Sons from all over the state are riding in to help end this thing once and for all. Most noteworthy is Kenny Johnson (late of “The Shield”) as the head (?) of the Tacoma chapter. Though we don’t even know his name yet, we do know that he and Tig have some kind of beef between them. And if our recent interview with Kurt Sutter is any indication, his character will play role in next season as well. (Hell, I’d love it if they brought him on full time).

Before I get any further into my discussion about SAMCRO, however, I need to address a few quick things. First, Chucky is alive and well, and he’s returned to the clubhouse after days of no one hearing from him with news about who burned down Caracara. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is probably, “What the hell happened to him and Darby?,” but since word on the block is that the scene was cut from a previous episode for time, we might never know. That certainly leaves Darby’s fate up in the air, but now that he’s been screwed by Zobelle twice, I have a feeling he’s going to owe the Sons big time whenever he resurfaces.


The other major non-SAMCRO talking point was undoubtedly Tara’s face-off with that nosy hospital administrator who seems to have it out for her. After weeks of being treated like shit, Tara finally snapped and put her in a choke hold. When the lady cried “assault,” Tara made the most of it by punching her in the face and then threatening her family if she doesn’t drop the bogus claim. It was certainly a cheer-worthy moment for those wondering just how much more abuse Tara would take from the lady, and though it probably wasn’t the best way to handle things, it was the only way she was ever going to get that lady off her back. After all, Tara’s just trying to her job, and her personal life shouldn’t affect that.

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Sons of Anarchy 2.11 – Service

If last week’s episode was the big turning point of the season, then tonight was the build-up to the final stretch. Obviously, Gemma’s confession played a major role in getting us this far, because now Jax has squashed his plans to go nomad in favor of putting a hurting on Ethan Zobelle and his men. Though Jax and Clay relay the news of Gemma’s rape to the rest of the club, they warn them not to do anything until they’re at full power. That means getting plenty of guns, and for the time being, they’re a little short on firepower. Clay suggests they meet with Jimmy O and rekindle their business relationship, but even though Jimmy promises to no longer sell to LOAN (even offering Zobelle’s next shipment to the Sons for free), it’s not going to matter much if their Russian pipeline is as dried up as Cameron suggests. The Sons don’t know that, however, and to be completely honest, I’m not exactly sure Jimmy O knows about it either.

In what could easily be considered the biggest reveal of the night (if not the season), Tig completely breaks down in front of Opie about Donna’s death. He takes his share of the blame and even sends a little Clay’s way as well, but he’s quick to mention that if Stahl had never set him up to look like a rat, Donna would have never been killed. Fair enough, but that doesn’t stop Opie from kicking his ass before he leaves to confront Stahl. He doesn’t shoot her, though, but rather waves a gun in her face before handing her the clip and saying, “The outlaw had mercy. You remember that the next time you try to twist the truth.” Yet again, Opie proves why he’s one of the coolest characters on the show. It’s also good to see him back on Jax’s side, because if Jax is ever going to take over the club, he’s going to need a right-hand man like Opie to help him push the Sons in a new direction. Plus, now that Opie’s forgiven Clay and Tig for the good of the club, I think he’s going to have a lot more say in what goes on.


In fact, you can already begin to see the effect he’s having on Clay. Not only did he manage to prevent him from overreacting to Chibbs’ confession about his deal with ATF, but after Piney stormed in and tried to kill Clay, he defused the situation in a matter of minutes. Frankly, I’m a little surprised Clay let Piney off so easily, but I guess he just figures it’s the least he can do to put Donna’s death behind him. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how much Opie plays the guilt card in the future, because it could come in real handy later down the road. For the time being, though, everyone is focused on bringing down Zobelle, and when Jax discovers that he’s doing business with the Mayans behind Weston’s back, they realize they have an ace up their sleeve. My guess is that they’ll turn LOAN against one another without so much as raising a gun, but with Chief Wayne seemingly on his way out, it makes sense that they might need his help one more time.

As for Gemma, well, she may not think that coming clean was the best thing for her (she tells Tara that Clay won’t want her anymore because she’s “damaged goods”), but after an odd sexual encounter with Tig that thankfully didn’t come to anything, she’s even more demoralized. Of course, Tig knows exactly what’s going on, and before everyone departs for the night, he advises Clay to show Gemma that he still loves her. It might have just been sex on an office desk, but that final scene between Clay and Gemma was a lot sweeter than it sounds. It’s moments like these that make “Sons of Anarchy” one of the best shows on TV.

Sons of Anarchy 2.10 – Balm

After tonight’s special 90-minute episode, I think we can all agree what direction the show is heading in. While it may have appeared like Ethan Zobelle would be the primary villain of the season, it’s beginning to look more like his appearance was a roundabout way of introducing Jimmy O. As played by Titus Welliver (Silas Adams on “Deadwood” and the Man in Black from “Lost”), Jimmy O certainly looks like the real deal, and the fact that he has a history with Chibbs only ups the ante. From what I gathered, he’s not only the face behind the IRA’s stateside gun operation, but he’s also the man who stole Chibbs’ wife and gave him that infamous Glasgow smile. Chibbs had hinted that Jimmy O was in town last week (though we didn’t actually know it was him at the time), so it’s no surprise that as soon as he was released from the hospital, he paid Cameron and Edmond a visit to question them about their recent dealings with Zobelle.

Jimmy O finally reveals himself to smooth things over, but what none of them realize is that ATF is listening in on the whole conversation. After striking out with both Clay and Jax earlier, Agent Stahl decides to go to Chibbs for help in bringing them down. It probably wouldn’t have worked any other day of the week, but considering Chibbs had just been insulted by Jimmy O in a variety of ways (calling him an errand boy, threatening to sleep with his daughter, etc.), it didn’t take much convincing to get him to strike a deal. Still, Chibbs has gotten quite a bit in return, including charges on the Sons dropped and immunity for his wife and kid. Meanwhile, Stahl gets started on her arrests, and the first person she goes after is Edmond, presumably because he’ll be the easier of the two to flip. Of course, I’m not entirely convinced that a member of the True IRA would break that easily, so we’ll have to see how this pans out.


Meanwhile, as Clay and Tig investigate a possible new source of ammunition (and shrooms, naturally) from a nearby Indian reservation, Jax goes about putting the finishing touches on his transfer request. He still needs a unanimous vote from the club in order to officially go nomad, but that hasn’t prevented him from getting all his ducks in a row. Though he goes to a handful of people for help in making up his mind – including Piney, who tells him that the club will “die bloody” if he quits, and Gemma, who talks to him about the possible meaning behind John’s transcript (which Jax describes as a “half angry manifesto and half MC love letter”) – the final decision ultimately falls to Clay.

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Sons of Anarchy 2.9 – Fa Guan

As we draw closer to the end of the season, the Sons continue to be pushed farther apart. Jax and Clay have been at each other’s throats for weeks, Opie and Jax’s friendship is deteriorating, and Tig feels like he’s losing his place as Clay’s right-hand man. To make matters worse, the future of Caracara is put in danger when some of the girls get arrested for prostitution and drug possession after the Sherriff’s Department receives an anonymous tip. Not that Clay cares, because he wishes they never got involved to begin with, and he now blames Jax for Luanne’s death.

Jax, however, doesn’t seem to care about anything Clay says or does anymore, and when he threatens to shut down the porn studio after the latest incident, Jax confronts him in front of the club about Donna’s death. Not officially, mind you, but when you utter the words “You are really going to stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?” someone is bound to figure out what’s really going on. That person will probably be Bobby, because that look on his face after overhearing Jax and Tig’s discussion seems to indicate that he’s finally put two and two together.


What he does with that information is anyone’s guess, but for the time being, he has other club business to take care. He’s sent on a mission along with Jax and Opie to convince an Oakland judge to throw out an INS case involving Henry Lin’s gun dealer, and though it doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out quite like they planned (their “emotional leverage” turns out to be a bust and Opie loses his cool), they eventually persuade the man to toss the case. Meanwhile, David brings Clay evidence that Zobelle is setting up Darby to prove Charming doesn’t need the Sons, and when SAMCRO stops by Darby’s latest meth house to pass on the tip, he runs back to Zobelle pissed that he’s been sold out. Unfortunately for Darby, he was probably always an expendable pawn, just like everyone else.

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