If there’s one complaint that I had about last year’s season finale, it’s that most of the good stuff happened the week before. That wasn’t the case last night, however, despite the fact that it sure seemed like it was headed that way. Instead, we got a good tease as to what might just happen when the Sons finally get a little alone time with Ethan Zobelle and AJ Weston. They’ve already started planning for it by gathering everyone’s families and friends at the clubhouse to provide protection, while Sons from all over the state are riding in to help end this thing once and for all. Most noteworthy is Kenny Johnson (late of “The Shield”) as the head (?) of the Tacoma chapter. Though we don’t even know his name yet, we do know that he and Tig have some kind of beef between them. And if our recent interview with Kurt Sutter is any indication, his character will play role in next season as well. (Hell, I’d love it if they brought him on full time).

Before I get any further into my discussion about SAMCRO, however, I need to address a few quick things. First, Chucky is alive and well, and he’s returned to the clubhouse after days of no one hearing from him with news about who burned down Caracara. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is probably, “What the hell happened to him and Darby?,” but since word on the block is that the scene was cut from a previous episode for time, we might never know. That certainly leaves Darby’s fate up in the air, but now that he’s been screwed by Zobelle twice, I have a feeling he’s going to owe the Sons big time whenever he resurfaces.


The other major non-SAMCRO talking point was undoubtedly Tara’s face-off with that nosy hospital administrator who seems to have it out for her. After weeks of being treated like shit, Tara finally snapped and put her in a choke hold. When the lady cried “assault,” Tara made the most of it by punching her in the face and then threatening her family if she doesn’t drop the bogus claim. It was certainly a cheer-worthy moment for those wondering just how much more abuse Tara would take from the lady, and though it probably wasn’t the best way to handle things, it was the only way she was ever going to get that lady off her back. After all, Tara’s just trying to her job, and her personal life shouldn’t affect that.

Getting back to the meat of the episode, the Sons are finally ready to take on the League, and they’ve approached the One-Niners and the Triad for help in kicking the Mayans out of Charming. Once gone, they’ll split up the remaining territory equally. But before they can do anything, they need guns – specifically, the AKs promised to them by Jimmy O. Problem is, ATF is just waiting to pounce on the next drop, so while Chucky distracts Stahl, the Sons pull a classic bait and switch that sees them get away with the guns unnoticed. Obviously, it didn’t go over too well with Stahl, who has clearly reached her breaking point. If she doesn’t stop now, she’s just going to get someone else killed.

Meanwhile, Jax and Opie drop by Weston’s place to inform him about Zobelle’s secret relationship with the Mayans and challenge him to a battle royal between their ten best men. When Weston discovers that Jax is telling the truth, he goes ape shit and kills everyone involved in the heroin operation, including one of his own men. Next, he goes after Zobelle, but when he gets a call about his kids being carted away by Social Services, he doesn’t get a chance to finish the job. By the time the big fight comes around, he’s properly pissed, so it’s not surprising that he’d break the agreement not to bring weapons. Fortunately, Clay and Jax aren’t dummies, and they have the One-Niners and the Triad waiting in the wings with their new AKs in tow. I still don’t understand why they didn’t meet somewhere outside of Charming, because Hale breaks up the fight within minutes, but I guess it was their way of keeping him distracted while they went after Zobelle. If that was the plan, then it didn’t work quite, because Hale arrived yet again before any damage could be done. And with Zobelle giving himself up to the cops by turning over the heroin in his cigar shop, he’s bound to go away for quite some time. If that seems a bit anticlimactic, it’s because it is, but with one more episode to go, I’m sure Kurt Sutter has an ace up his sleeve. After all, he hasn’t disappointed yet.