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Sons of Anarchy 2.3 – Fix

Two days after “Mad Men” wins its second straight Emmy for Best Drama and “Sons of Anarchy” opens the episode with Luanne shooting a porn parody. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I can’t help but think that Kurt Sutter planned for the expected win. Of course, the opening minutes also featured Bobby performing as Elvis at a Bar mitzvah, and it’s apparently beginning to take a toll on him. His time in prison has resulted in a pile of bills, and in an attempt to reward him for his services to the club, Clay assigns him to go take care of the bookkeeping at Luanne’s studio. She’s not at all happy with the idea of SAMCRO taking an even bigger bite out of her business, but as it turns out, Luanne also has something to hide. It doesn’t take long for Bobby to discover that Luanne has been skimming off the top over the last six years, and when he threatens to report it to the club, Luanne makes him an offer he can’t refuse. If Otto ever finds out about it, however, Bobby is as good as dead.

The same can be said of Ethan Zobelle and his gang of Neo-Nazis once Clay finally realizes what’s really going on with Gemma. Personally, I can’t believe three weeks have already passed, because Gemma is acting way too fragile for Clay not to be a little more suspicious. Their fight in the parking lot outside the porn studio seemed to be more about Clay not getting laid than Gemma not acting like herself. Wayne suggests that Gemma attend an out-of-town support group for sexual abuse survivors, but she quickly shoots down that idea – and just in time, too, since Tig was apparently just around the corner. I don’t think he heard anything, though, because he would have told Clay right away.


The meat of the episode this week revolved around Ethan Zobelle’s latest plan to force the Sons of Anarchy out of Charming, and it all hinders on convincing Deputy Chief Hale to join the witch hunt. Hale doesn’t like Zobelle’s idea of purposely bringing drugs into the town – thereby discrediting SAMCRO’s worth and Chief Wayne’s ability to control crime – but that doesn’t stop him from doing it anyway. When Opie and Half Sack catch a dealer selling meth at the mill (with Nords in tow), they go back to the club to get re-enforcements before beating the information out of him.

When they learn where Darby has set up his meth lab, Jax gives Hale the location to see if he can be trusted. Clay, meanwhile, tells Wayne all about their little test to keep him in the loop. It looks as if Hale is going to pass after he visits Darby’s base of operations (albeit without a warrant), but after speaking with Ethan about his reasoning for wanting the Sons out of Charming, his outlook suddenly changes and he lies to Jax about there ever being a meth lab. Not that it really matters, since SAMCRO just blows it up themselves, but I can’t believe that Hale would do business with Zobelle. Isn’t he supposed to be all about doing things by the books? Now that he’s resorted to his own crooked methods, however, there’s no going back. Oh yeah, and he just sided with the wrong bad guys.

Sons of Anarchy 2.2 – Small Tears

After the events of last week’s episode, it didn’t seem like Kurt Sutter was going to waste any time in getting to the showdown between the Sons of Anarchy and the Neo-Nazis, but when I actually had the time to sit down and think about it, I wondered if Gemma would actually tell Clay about what happened to her. Fast-forward a couple of days to tonight’s episode, and sure enough, Gemma is keeping mum on the subject. For the time being, the only people that know about Gemma’s attack are Wayne and Tara, and even they don’t know who was responsible. She’s made them swear not to tell anyone else, either, and in order to cover it up, Wayne wrecks Gemma’s car to make it look like she was in a crash. It’s only a matter of time before Clay finds out, however, because she’s acting really vulnerable around him, and he’s gotta know that someone as headstrong as Gemma wouldn’t be that shaken up over something like a car crash.

If nothing else, Gemma has certainly succeeded in pissing off Charming’s newest residents – namely AJ, who can’t believe that Gemma hasn’t told Clay the truth. When he runs back to tell Ethan (henceforth known as Mr. White) the bad news, Mr. White suggests they might have underestimated Gemma. Whether that means they’re going to attack her again remains unseen, but they’re definitely not about to give up after one failed attempt. In fact, Mr. White already has another plan in play (providing intel to the Mayans about a gun deal going down between the Sons and the One-Niners), though I have to think that goes against everything he believes in. After all, he didn’t tell AJ that he was working with them, and we already know his feelings on that subject matter.


The shootout at the aforementioned gun deal happened as a result of Jax’s decision to pin the Mayan murder on the One-Niners, and though Clay wasn’t happy about it to begin with, he was doubly pissed when it resulted in Bobby taking a bullet to the shoulder. Jax’s reasoning for the frame-up was great (“Spur of the moment, seemed like the right thing. Sure you can understand.”), but I can’t help but feel like Clay still came out on top when it was all over. He really does seem to know what he’s doing when it comes to running the club, and though Jax is going to continue to crucify him for Donna’s death, he still needs to learn a few things before he takes over. Then again, it was going to end up badly for the Sons no matter what Jax did with the body, so he really had no choice.

Plus, he quickly redeemed himself by coming up with a new way for the club to make some extra cash. When Otto’s wife, Luanne, has to shut down her porn studio due to an investigation by ATF (no doubt ordered by Agent Stahl out of spite), a rival producer known for the sleazy treatment of his female stars (Tom Arnold) tries to steal Luanne’s girls. Jax and Co. effectively persuade him to back off with the help of some baseball bats, and in return, the Sons get a 50% stake in everything Luanne earns. It’s kind of a shit deal for her, but it’s better than what she was expecting when she agreed to meet Jax at the abandoned warehouse, to which he replied, “You think I brought you here to Adrianna you?”

Comparisons to “The Sopranos” be damned, it’s nice to see the writers have finally begun to embrace the similarities between their show and the former HBO hit. Casting Drea de Matteo was certainly a coup from the start, but this easily trumps her guest appearance any day of the week.

Sons of Anarchy 2.1 – Albification

Kurt Sutter’s “Sons of Anarchy” was hands-down my favorite new show of last year – not much of a surprise considering my undying loyalty to “The Shield” – but I never actually got around to watching the first episode until a few days after it aired, and as a result, I wasn’t able to blog the series like I had planned. This year is a little different, however, as FX has hooked us up with advance copies of the first few episodes. I probably still won’t be blogging every week, or even as in-depth as my other TV blogs, but I’m going to try to discuss the show in some aspect whenever I can, and tonight’s season premiere is the perfect jumping off point.

A lot went down at the end of Season One, but nothing quite as shocking as the death of Opie’s wife, Donna. Though Clay and Tig are still trying to play off the murder as retaliation from one of their rival gangs, Jax and Piney know the truth behind the botched assassination attempt. Piney wants to take action immediately, and rightfully so, but Jax warns against such hostility because it would only set Clay off and cause further damage. For the time being, they both have to accept Clay’s decision to pin the murder on some unsuspecting Mayan, and Jax even accompanies Opie to help kill the guy lest he learn the real truth. Obviously, this is going to play a huge part in the upcoming season, but I’m betting Sutter will let it just sit there and simmer for a while before acting on it. In fact, considering it’s a subplot that could prove to be a real game changer for the make-up of the series, I wouldn’t completely dismiss Sutter pushing it off until next season. After all, he has plenty to keep the Sons busy for the time being.


Not only do the Sons have to rethink their gun-running business now that they’re on ATF’s radar, but a new group of Neo-Nazis have arrived in town, and they don’t like that SAMCRO is selling guns to the black and Latino gangs around Charming. Though their attempt to win over the support of Deputy Hale doesn’t go over quite like they imagined (my guess is that he’ll end up helping the Sons more than he’d like), they’ve already stirred up trouble with Clay and Co. by crashing Bobby’s welcoming home soiree. Sure, the leader of the group, Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin), seems to be little more than a slimy, Aceveda-esque politician, but his right-hand man, AJ Weston (Henry Rollins), looks like a real force to be reckoned with.

It certainly helps that Rollins plays the guy like an emotionless pit bull that’s been restrained by a heavy-duty chain, but he eventually shows he has a mind of his own when he goes on a rant about how he pulled his son out of Tee Ball after he learned they were encouraging equality by giving trophies to everyone. He then follows that up by telling Darby to cover up his swastika tattoo – not because he should be ashamed of wearing it in front of his Latino workers, but because, get this, he hasn’t earned it yet. Talk about your hardcore skinheads, this guy is pure evil. And as if hasn’t already proven to be a thorn in Clay’s side, he’s about to really heat things up now that he’s kidnapped Gemma and gang-raped her. I’m still not exactly sure what the point of them wearing masks was (other than a cool shout-out to “Halloween”), since he eventually gave up his identity by telling Gemma to pass on a message to Clay, but one thing is for sure: these skinheads are definitely not leaving Charming in anything other than a body bag once Clay catches wind of what they’ve done. Are you paying attention Emmy voters? This is how you start a season off with a bang.

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