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Sons of Anarchy 3.8 – Lochan Mor

Well, the Sons have finally arrived in Ireland, and to celebrate the occasion, tonight’s episode was a supersized 90-minute edition with a cool Celtic version of the “This Life” theme song to boot. Unfortunately, that also means that Charming is going to be a dreary place for the remainder of the season, although the writers are clearly trying to make it somewhat interesting. For starters, it gives Tig and Kozik plenty of time to kiss and make up – especially now that Tig has had his license revoked due to his little stunt at the end of last week’s episode. We also now know that their beef goes back eight years, and it has something to do with a girl, which Chucky so eloquently confirms with the quote of the night: “Judging by their level of malevolence, there’s gotta be at least one vagina involved.”

And when they’re not bickering like an old couple, Tig and Kozik are going to be pretty busy trying to keep the peace in Charming all on their own, because there are still plenty of bad guys lurking about – particularly Jacob Hale, who will do anything to get SAMCRO out of his town. At the moment, however, he’s more concerned with convincing Lumpy to sell his boxing gym so that he can begin building his hotels. Hale hires Darby to put the pressure on, but when Lumpy refuses the offer, Darby returns the money because he doesn’t want to kill the old man. Hale in turn finds someone else to do his dirty work, but it seems strange that he’d get in bed with Salazar considering his MC was the one responsible for killing his little brother. He doesn’t see it that way, of course, but that’s just out of blind hatred for SAMCRO. Of course, Salazar wouldn’t have done any damage if the prospect that Tig left in charge wasn’t such a pussy, but the experience was obviously enough to convince him that the life of an outlaw biker wasn’t for him, as he left his cut and gun and rode away. Good riddance.


I can’t wait to say the same about Tara’s pregnancy drama, because this is easily the weakest storyline at the moment. Why doesn’t she just tell Jax and get it over with? We all know she isn’t going to get an abortion, even though her supervisor Margaret seems to think it’s a good idea, and though she asked to schedule an appointment while at the abortion clinic with Lyla (yep, she’s pregnant too – SAMCRO is certainly a fertile bunch), she’ll change her mind eventually. And if she doesn’t, well, that’s going to be a pretty big secret to keep from Jax after he returns from Ireland with Abel, they reconcile their relationship, and she starts having regrets about not keeping the baby. The whole thing is just ridiculous, so let’s move on.

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Sons of Anarchy 3.7 – Widening Gyre

It may have seemed like a foregone conclusion after last week’s episode that SAMCRO would be heading for Belfast this week, but since they have to wait until Oswald’s charter plane leaves for Manchester, they’re stuck in Charming for one more day. And as it turns out, it’s for the better, because after a member of the Grim Reapers turns up dead, SAMCRO has to step in and stop them from seeking revenge on the Calaveras. Afraid of striking back without checking with Alvarez first, Clay decides to approach the Mayan president directly to act as a mediator. But while Alvarez admits that he still needs the Calaveras in his pocket because they serve a purpose, he agrees to let SAMCRO question Salazar about the assassination. Salazar begrudgingly gives up the man responsible, but Alvarez punishes him as well, stripping him of his patch and putting someone else in charge.

Salazar isn’t at all pleased, and after they made a point of showing his reaction to Jax telling Alvarez that they were going to be out of town for a week, I just knew that he was planning some kind of retribution. And now that they know that Tara is Jax’s old lady, you can bet that they’re going to go after her, especially with the club halfway across the world. Still, it feels a little too soon to be doing another subplot involving an attack on one of SAMCRO’s women after Gemma’s kidnapping/rape last season, so here’s hoping that Salazar is taken care of before anything bad happens to Tara.


After all, it’s not like she hasn’t already been through hell these last few weeks. She was held at gunpoint by Cameron while Half-Sack was killed and Abel was kidnapped, she became an accessory to murder when she helped Gemma kill Amelia the caretaker, and on tonight’s episode, she walked in on Jax to discover that he had just banged a porn star. Opie believes that Tara is too resilient to let something like this make her want to give up on the relationship, but she’s still not happy about it and has moved out of Jax’s house for the time being. Gemma suggests that telling Jax about the pregnancy may change his mind about his plan to “protect” her, but she wants to keep it a secret until she decides what she’s going to do with the baby, and makes Gemma promise not to tell anyone.

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Sons of Anarchy 3.6 – The Push

The life of an outlaw biker apparently doesn’t include vacation time, because the Sons always seem to busy with a variety of different jobs, crises and whatnot. So it was nice to see them relaxing a little bit in the clubhouse for the first time in a long while, even if it was to take care of a little paperwork. Along with the welcoming of three new prospects to the club (who are so unimportant that I don’t think we even got names for any of them), the charter also had to vote on transfer requests for Happy and Kozik, the latter of whom was denied by Tig because of their history with one another. We still don’t know why Tig doesn’t trust him, but Kozik doesn’t waste any time in proving his worth, getting right to work helping SAMCRO jack the van transporting the Mayans’ heroin for Stockton prison.

Instead of just selling it off and making some quick cash, however, Clay decides to use the heroin as barter in order to repair their relationship with the Mayans. In an effort to end their bloody war, Alvarez agrees to a truce that gives the Grim Reapers from Lodi the responsibility of transporting the drugs through Charming and SAMCRO a cut of each payload. In return, Alvarez just asks that the Sons take care of the surviving Calaveras member in the hospital – a seemingly simple job that Tig and Kozik manage to screw up. This will surely come back to bite them in the ass, and I’d even be willing to bet that Kozik will be the one who takes the heat for it in order to prove to Tig that he can be a team player when he needs to be.


Meanwhile, the club’s lawyer comes to visit Gemma in the hospital and inform her that the U.S. Attorney’s office has agreed to take the death penalty off the table if she confesses to both murders. Though it’s not exactly the best outcome, she agrees – that is, until Jax brings her a prepared statement that will seemingly clear her name. She can tell right away that it came from Agent Stahl, and though the last thing Gemma wants is to have to trust the woman who framed her in the first place, Jax convinces her that it’s the best thing for the club. The statement is actually pretty close to what really happened, except for one small detail: Gemma fingers Stahl’s partner/fuck buddy as the ATF agent who shot Edmond.

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Sons of Anarchy 3.5 – Turning and Turning

There’s been a lot of debate recently over the validity of Father Ashby’s conduct regarding baby Abel, but if he truly is planning on using the kidnapping as a way to get rid of Jimmy O, then the pieces are starting to fall into place. Maureen’s phone call to Gemma has already stirred the pot, and although Jimmy’s right-hand man, Luke, ensures the club that Abel isn’t in Belfast, Jax promises him that if he’s lying, he’s going to personally track down Jimmy and beat the truth out of him. And if I were Jimmy, I’d probably start looking for a good place to hide, because it isn’t long because Jax hears back from Maureen confirming that Abel is in Belfast.

On a side note, I’m really curious to learn more about Maureen in these coming weeks. Though she has obvious ties to the IRA due to her brother’s involvement, her loyalties seem to lie more with SAMCRO – not only because she’s married to the Belfast chapter president (McGee, who might just have the coolest beard on TV), but also because she seems to have a secret history with John Teller. When Jax first brought up Maureen’s name at the hospital, Gemma and Clay shared this telling look of concern. And then, after he had left the room, Gemma declared her apprehensions about Jax going to Belfast because “stones [would] get unturned.” Or in other words, Jax would learn something that Gemma doesn’t want him to know.


Unfortunately, Gemma can’t do much to stop him as she’s currently stuck in the hospital recovering – not from a heart attack, but her arrhythmia. Plus, she’s under the custody of the Feds after she agreed to turn herself in to Agent Stahl in exchange for a deal that would remove the death sentence from the table and give her weekly visits. But when Stahl informs her that the deal has been denied due to some silly technicality, Gemma’s future seems even more uncertain than everyone thought. And to make matters worse, she blames Tara for Abel’s kidnapping, claiming that she didn’t do enough to save him because he wasn’t her child. It’s a pretty cruel thing to say to anyone, and I don’t think she would have said it were it not meant to transition into one of the night’s big reveals: Tara is six weeks pregnant, and she’s keeping it a secret from everyone, including Jax. How Gemma knew is beyond me, but I guess we can chalk it up to mother’s intuition.

Gemma may know about Tara’s pregnancy, but she has no idea what Jax is about to do to save her from going to prison. And if anyone at the club finds out, they’re not going to be too happy about it, either. This isn’t the first time that Jax has considered turning rat in order to save the club, but now that the deck is so stacked against him and his family, he really has no other choice. It’s a pretty good deal too: Jax gives Stahl the bust of a lifetime by informing on major players in the IRA, and Gemma gets her name cleared and SAMCRO is given a reduced sentence on the assault charges. And as a sign of good faith, Jax has even delivered Luke and a van full of illegal guns on a silver platter to prove that he’s serious. It’s the kind of game changer that not only affects this season, but will have long-term ramifications on the series as a whole, and I just hope it doesn’t prove to be too much of an obstacle for the writers, because it’s risky storytelling like this that makes “SOA” one of the best shows on television.

Sons of Anarchy 3.4 – Home

For the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed Jimmy O continuously lie to SAMCRO about the whereabouts of Cameron and Abel. Though it initially seemed like he was simply trying to protect the cause while he awaited their next move, it now appears that he isn’t very happy about Father Ashby’s decision to make Cameron’s death public and refuse to return Abel to his family. Jimmy warns Ashby that SAMCRO will eventually arrive in Belfast with guns blazing, but Ashby doesn’t want to use Abel as a bargaining chip, and he seems content to just see how things play out.

What Jimmy doesn’t realize is that this is all a ploy to get rid of him, as he’s recently been recruiting youngsters off the streets to join the IRA, and Ashby doesn’t approve. So if he can convince the Sons that it was Jimmy who’s been lying to them all along, then he may be able to get them to do his dirty work for him without marring their business relationship. He’s even instructed Maureen to contact Gemma and tell her that Abel is in Belfast, so he clearly wasn’t planning on keeping father and son apart forever.


And Jimmy is playing right into Ashby’s hands, calling Jax to inform him that Abel wasn’t with Cameron in Belfast and therefore must still be in Vancouver somewhere. That means that the Canadian adventure is still very much on, but first, Jax and Clay head up to Oregon to pick up Gemma, who’s busy preparing Nathan for his trip to the nursing home. And since just about everybody else is wanted by the police, Gemma asks Nathan to sign over his power of attorney to Tara so that she can tend to his affairs.

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