The life of an outlaw biker apparently doesn’t include vacation time, because the Sons always seem to busy with a variety of different jobs, crises and whatnot. So it was nice to see them relaxing a little bit in the clubhouse for the first time in a long while, even if it was to take care of a little paperwork. Along with the welcoming of three new prospects to the club (who are so unimportant that I don’t think we even got names for any of them), the charter also had to vote on transfer requests for Happy and Kozik, the latter of whom was denied by Tig because of their history with one another. We still don’t know why Tig doesn’t trust him, but Kozik doesn’t waste any time in proving his worth, getting right to work helping SAMCRO jack the van transporting the Mayans’ heroin for Stockton prison.

Instead of just selling it off and making some quick cash, however, Clay decides to use the heroin as barter in order to repair their relationship with the Mayans. In an effort to end their bloody war, Alvarez agrees to a truce that gives the Grim Reapers from Lodi the responsibility of transporting the drugs through Charming and SAMCRO a cut of each payload. In return, Alvarez just asks that the Sons take care of the surviving Calaveras member in the hospital – a seemingly simple job that Tig and Kozik manage to screw up. This will surely come back to bite them in the ass, and I’d even be willing to bet that Kozik will be the one who takes the heat for it in order to prove to Tig that he can be a team player when he needs to be.


Meanwhile, the club’s lawyer comes to visit Gemma in the hospital and inform her that the U.S. Attorney’s office has agreed to take the death penalty off the table if she confesses to both murders. Though it’s not exactly the best outcome, she agrees – that is, until Jax brings her a prepared statement that will seemingly clear her name. She can tell right away that it came from Agent Stahl, and though the last thing Gemma wants is to have to trust the woman who framed her in the first place, Jax convinces her that it’s the best thing for the club. The statement is actually pretty close to what really happened, except for one small detail: Gemma fingers Stahl’s partner/fuck buddy as the ATF agent who shot Edmond.

I guess it should be expected – Stahl seems willing to screw over anybody who stands in the way of a big bust – but this is pretty cold, even for her. Still, she’s held up her end of the deal so far, even getting the Sons’ bail hearing pushed back by 10 days. That’s more than enough time for Jax and Co. to get to Belfast and find Abel, but since their pending assault charges prevent them from leaving the country, they ask Oswald for help getting them safe passage to Ireland by sneaking them onto one of his cargo freighters. The next delivery is headed for Manchester, England, so it’s not quite Belfast, but it’s only a few hours’ drive from where they need to be.

The only problem is that they need cash. The $10,000 they sent to the Canadian tracker was apparently non-refundable, and Juice lost the steroid money when he was jumped by the Calaveras gang. Clay suggests that Jax ask Tara for help in moving the HIV medicine they picked up a few days ago, and though he’s determined not to drag Tara into more illegal activity, he has no other choice. Unfortunately, Darby (who’s still recovering from some serious burns on his head and arms after the Cara Cara fire) spots them selling the drugs to a clinic doctor and relays the info to Jacob Hale.

You’d think the guy would be a little more thankful after Chucky saved him from that fire, but instead, he convinces Hale to raid the Sons’ clubhouse under the suspicion that they’re hiding more drugs. They weren’t, of course, but the scare is enough to convince Jax that he’s put Tara in more than enough danger and decides to call it quits once and for all. I’m not sure why Tara didn’t say anything about being pregnant, but that surely would have stopped Jax from leaving… and going directly to bang that porn star hussy. Oh well, it wouldn’t be a TV show if there wasn’t a little drama.