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Snow White and the three goth chicks + Vince Vaughn (update)

Typically enough, I’m more than a little distracted by the election today, but this item about director Tarsem Singh signing on for “Snow White and the Huntsman” got my attention.

I’m sure like most of you, when I hear “Snow White” I think of this.

Now, I understand this is going to be a very different take on the material. Even so, under Singh’s distinctive hand, it could end up looking like this.


I really was distracted when I wrote this. “Snow White and the Huntsmen” is a different Snow White project entirely than this one, which Anne Thompson tells us has been described as the “slutty” “Snow White.” Sort of the like the pacifist Rambo. You gotta love how Hollywood decides to suddenly decides to have five different versions of the same long-dormant topic/property. I mean, for 73 years, we were all just fine with no new “Snow White” projects. Now, all of sudden, there’s at least three. Why?

Happy Labor Day weekend movie moment #1

It’s Labor Day weekend. I’ve got some plans of my own this Sunday, for a change, so I’m putting off this week’s box office report for tomorrow. (As I write this, however, it’s looking like what I said on Friday morning is once again going to be wrong.) In the meantime, please enjoy this Labor Day themed clip from Walt Disney’s historic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

A couple of thoughts. I’d forgotten the dwarfs are all diamond miners, and such lucky ones. You’d think their standard of living would be better, under the circumstances. Maybe Doc or Grumpy are skimming off the top. The rest could use a union. Or, considering their extremely lax security, perhaps the wicked queen is just stealing from them every night. They should considering hiring Brinks. I hope they’re reading.

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