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Happy Labor Day weekend movie moment #2

Since this weekend sees the release of “Extract,” the new movie from Mike Judge, it seems like a couple of clips from his bomb-turned-DVD smash, “Office Space” may be especially appropriate as we honor America’s workforce.

Oddly enough, this first scene contains some language that makes it possibly NSFW. Ironic, especially since is seems almost everyone talks this way at work these days. And, as in this case, they often have good reason. This scene brings back memories.

Behold the genius of Gary Cole and Stephen Root.

See you tomorrow. (Yeah, I’ll be working tomorrow. The boss came up to me and said, “Bob, tomorrow is Labor Day and everything, but I’m gonna need you to blog in your pajamas again, if that’s okay. Yeah…”)

Happy Labor Day weekend movie moment #1

It’s Labor Day weekend. I’ve got some plans of my own this Sunday, for a change, so I’m putting off this week’s box office report for tomorrow. (As I write this, however, it’s looking like what I said on Friday morning is once again going to be wrong.) In the meantime, please enjoy this Labor Day themed clip from Walt Disney’s historic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

A couple of thoughts. I’d forgotten the dwarfs are all diamond miners, and such lucky ones. You’d think their standard of living would be better, under the circumstances. Maybe Doc or Grumpy are skimming off the top. The rest could use a union. Or, considering their extremely lax security, perhaps the wicked queen is just stealing from them every night. They should considering hiring Brinks. I hope they’re reading.

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