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The Nifty Fifties DVD Giveaway

The 1950s marked the introduction of cultural and technological changes (i.e. Rock ‘n Roll, TV sets) that reverberated into the themes and acting styles of this era. Many stars made their debut in the ’50s, while others continued their rise in stardom, including Sidney Poitier, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlton Heston, Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Marilyn Monroe and Gregory Peck. With Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Nifty Fifties” DVD set, you can enjoy all these stars and more with over 65 hours of movies from the era.

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A Martin Luther King Day movie moment

It became fashionable for a while to downplay the contribution of Sidney Poitier to movies — the charge was that too many of his characters were overly schematic responses to racist caricatures of the past (in other words, they were too perfect). Still, his characters were never plaster saints, he was simply too good an actor to ever allow that even if some of his parts were written that way, and there’s never been any denying that he fought the civil rights battle on the cinematic front with as much grace and charisma as anyone could even ask for.

Here he is the gently humorous and moving final scene from the 1964 comedy-drama “Lillies of the Field,” in which he teaches some German nuns a little bit of soulful gospel.

Movie moments: Sidney Poitier

We’re going to be taking a break from news today to spend a little time with the two extremely notable arts recipients of this year’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Let’s start by watching the most famous slap in movie history.

And here is Sidney Poitier uttering the most famous line of his career, from the same movie. In context, the impact of that line and what precedes isn’t too different from a slap in the face. Also, check out Poitier’s expression during the pauses. This is some interesting movie acting.

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