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Let the hobo with the shotgun in

A couple of bits of video that have been making the rounds.

First, via Screenrant a moment from “Let Me In,” director Matt Reeves’ much discussed and increasingly anticipated Americanization of the hugely acclaimed anti-“Twilight” tale of vampiric puppy love, “Let the Right One In.” Based on Reeves’ work on “Cloverfield,” I had my doubts, but this just could be worthy of its predecessor. This one is slightly NSFW because of a shouted f-word.

Of course that’s Richard Jenkins above as “the father” in a clip I personally thought was outstanding — far better than I would have expected from Matt Reeves based on his work in “Cloverfield.” A really nicely calibrated piece of suspense with some strong period feeling.

And here’s Rutger Hauer as the Hobo with the shotgun in what has to be one of the most violent and gruesome trailers I’ve seen. Chalk that up to its roots in a prize winning fan-made “Grindhouse” style trailer. Decidely NSFW and kind of funny in a very grim way. Oddly,  it’s actually creepier than the scene from “Let Me In.”

CinemaBlend gets the HT for this and they also have the original “Hobo” trailer that played in some theaters with “Grindhouse.” Personally, I actually like this new one a lot better.

Inglorious movie moment #3

I wonder if that estimated $37.5 million would have been any less, or more, if “Inglourious Basterds” included a scene like the one below tfrom 1977’s “Soldier of Orange,” a fact-based tale about the impact of World War II on a group of promising Dutch students. And, no, it’s not “Brokeback Nazis” or anything of the kind…or at least that’s not how I remember the breakthrough film from Holland’s Paul Verhoeven who certainly wouldn’t be afraid of a little gay subtext or text, so who knows. It’s been awhile.

Verhoeven, of course, eventually moved stateside and went on to have one of the more interesting Hollywood careers we’ve seen (except for “Robocop,” I’m not a fan, not at all…but that could change; I still haven’t seen “Showgirls”!). Sorry, no subtitles you’ll just have to figure the content of the discussion between a very young Rutger Hauer and Derek de Lint.

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