Those pop culture geeks among us who don’t mind dropping a little bit of coin to score unique trinkets inspired by our favorite shows may already be familiar with GenkiWear, a company which has earned a name for itself by producing “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” jewelry, including reproductions of Anyanka’s Power Center Amulet and Necklace and The Slayer’s Cross and Necklace.

Now, however, they’ve set their sights…and their scents…on “Star Trek” fans by developing a trio of fragrances celebrating the classic TV series. Get your olfactory organs ready for “Tiberius” (destined to be referred to as “Smells Like Shatner”), “Pon Farr” (great news for those of us who are looking to score with a Vulcan but can live with only getting laid once every seven years), and “Red Shirt,” which we can only presume allows its wearer to bear the stench of death…but for God’s sake, don’t wear “Tiberius” and “Pon Farr” together unless this floats your boat. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) All three of these colognes are scheduled to be available in stores in the spring…a date which is no way coincidental to the release of the new “Star Trek” movie.

Want a piece of this? Wear “Pon Farr,” from GenkiWear.

(WARNING: The wearing of “Pon Farr” does not, in fact, guarantee that you will get said piece.)