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“I ain’t much of a lover boy.”

Vice-obsessed film writer Peter Biskind, best known for the book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-And Rock ‘N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood, has a new biography coming out of Warren Beatty.  The most interesting thing to me about Beatty is how an actor who could have easily done just fine on his good looks,  charisma, and acting ability also became one of the most important filmmakers of the later 20th century. But that’s me and I’m weird.

True to form for Biskind, he has grabbed headlines with an estimate that Beatty, who in his prime was definitely noted for being one of the world’s most avid heterosexuals, might have slept with as many as 12,775 women, a number inflated to “almost 13,000” by caption writers. This was all presumably between losing his virginity at 20 in 1957 (kind of late for a future mega-multi-stud, even in the fifties) and settling down with Annette Bening to start a family in the early nineties.

Now, if we simply multiply 365 days by 33 years, the number we get is 12,045. That means that Beatty would have had to sleep with at least an average of a different woman every day, plus add in a good number of various menages or multi-partner days while also managing to help redefine Hollywood movies during the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Not impossible, I suppose but a guy’s gotta sleep and work and eat and stuff.

Naturally, the Beatty camp has shot back and everyone has clarified that, while  Beatty allowed himself to be interviewed by Biskind, the book it is in no way an authorized biography, as some outlets had wrongly stated.

Anne Thompson writes that “Beatty works in mysterious ways.” Absolutely. Anyone who’s seen one of his Barbara Walters interviews can see that the extremely intelligent Beatty is a remarkably cagey fellow in dealing with the gossip-loving press and, based on his reputation, it’s easy to assume that Beatty did sleep with a number of women most of us would regard as enormous, even if this particularly number seems a bit absurd. This, my friends, is not news. Absent moral qualms and given the ability to easily bed innumerable beauties, so, perhaps, would most of us males.

But, what’s really interesting to me is that Beatty’s career-defining role which presumably upped his already massive sexual stock into the stratosphere, was playing a guy who loved exactly one woman and couldn’t even make love to her — not physically, anyhow.  That’s how it works sometimes.

The geek overload continues! (updated)

With the completely and utterly sold-out Comic-Con starting mid-week, Hollywood publicists seem to be working overtime to fulfill your no doubt insatiable need for geek news. I could probably write seven or eight posts catering to nerd proclivities. But you’re getting just one today, (and, with the help of few snafus, this one took much longer than it should have). A few highlights

* Leonardo DiCaprio’s company has signed writer Rand Ravich (“The Astronaut’s Wife,” the TV series “Life”) to do a new film somehow tied to Rod Serling’s classic anthology science-fiction/fantasy TV series, “The Twilight Zone.” Many of you will remember the 1983 film, which utilized multiple writers and directors and consisted of three adaptations of well known episodes from the original series, one tale loosely drawn from a pair of episodes (sadly infamous due to the accident which killed actor Vic Morrow and two illegally hired children, very nearly ending the career of director John Landis), and a framing story featuring Albert Brooks and Dan Aykroyd. No word on what form this new film would take — a single tale would be missing the entire point of “The Twilight Zone,” IMO — and I’m unfamiliar with Ravich’s work. So, it’ll be interesting to watch this one move further along the pipeline.

[Update: Apparently, one year ago at least, the idea was to make a single film drawn from an episode of the series. Why, I have no idea. I learned this via Monika Bartyzel, you can read her post and my messed up comments here.

* The word on the overseas grosses for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” are in and they’re a new worldwide five day record of $297 million. Blimey.

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