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Heroes 3.17 – Let’s do right or let’s just say we’re through…

Last week’s “Heroes” ended with HRG taking a swig of his drink and, at least to the untrained eye (i.e., mine), his sudden wooziness made it appear that he’d been slipped a fast-acting mickey. Maybe he had been drugged…or, then again, maybe he was under the influence of Matt Parkman’s heavy-duty mental powers. It was hard to tell at the time. Whichever the case, the result was the same: the guy went down, and he went down hard. The next thing you know, he’s being dragged out by Parkman, Mohinder, and Peter Petrelli.

What we learn at the beginning of this week’s episode, however, is how this plan came into being. Unsurprisingly, it’s Matt who’s the mastermind of the goings-on…and, of course, I say “unsurprisingly” because he’s clearly royally pissed off about Daphne being taken down a few episodes ago. I had to laugh at how typically wishy-washy Pete was, though. First, he’s wondering about the issue of drugging him, asking Matt uncertainly, “Can’t you just read his mind and get what we need that way?” But ten seconds later, when Mohinder chimes in about his own issues with the kidnapping aspects, Pete confidently counters, “I don’t like it, either, but this way it gives us answers.” Damn, Petrelli, I’ve heard of getting with the plan, but that’s gotta be some kind of record!

In short, these three stooges (Mohinder, Larry, and Curly?) spiked HRG’s Scotch with a pharmaceutical agent that would enable Parkman’s abilities to penetrate all of Noah’s psychological training and get the answers they want about what’s going on with Nathan’s big governmental crackdown on America’s heroes.

What do they discover? Only the best chapter of the “Fugitives” saga to date…and, I feel comfortable arguing, the most impressive episode we’ve gotten in Season 3, period.

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Heroes 3.16 – I Hate People When They’re Not Polite

Really? They had to start the episode by reminding me about the plotline that loathe the most…?

Fair enough, let’s drive right into the Claire storyline. She’s continuing to get text messages from the mysterious rebel while lying to her mother and being shitty to her father, while HRG continues to offer up threats which are clearly pointless, since we all know that she’s going to ignore orders and do whatever she wants to do, anyway. Well, at least Zeljko is clearly pissed off about it. (We can only hope and pray that he actually acts on it.) By using another comic book store as a set piece, I couldn’t help but feel like the producers were saying, “Okay, let’s keep playing to the diehard geeks, ’cause if we lose them, we’re really screwed.” The sequences of Claire trying to save the life of Comic Book Guy were well-executed, but, again, it all came back to the issue of Claire being totally uncontrollable. If this had been a real government operation, she would’ve been imprisoned (at the very least) long ago, no matter who her father and stepfather were. And now she’s unnecessarily telling her mother what’s going on, knowing full well what effect that could have on her and, worse, leading to a touchy-feely scene at the end with Claire and HRG…? (The only redeeming moment of that sequence was having Comic Book Guy step out of the shadows.)


It felt a little too on-the-nose to have “Born to be Wild” playing on the stereo as Sylar set forth on his road trip with his new little buddy, Luke, but that was about my only complaint about their storyline this episode. The relationship between the two of them remains the most interesting thing about this new series, with Sylar doling out examples of his power and being flummoxed by Luke proving more fascinated than scared. The scene at the diner was also really well done, with Luke being irresponsible with his abilities and Sylar actually opening up to Luke about what he wants out of his encounter with his father. I thought sure we were going to see the end of Luke after he made the mistake of trying to be a nice guy by giving Sylar his dad’s address, but then Zeljko’s men invaded, and the end of the scene was…well, how did you feel about it? I’m sure Luke thought that Sylar had betrayed him by leaving him to be captured, but I felt like Sylar imagined that he’d given Luke a bit of a thank-you gift by not just killing him outright. In the end, of course, Sylar clearly felt like he really did owe it to Luke to save his ass, and the sequence in the paddywagon was awesome…almost as awesome as having the two of them drive off into the night to the strains of “Psycho Killer.”

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Heroes 3.13 – When They Said to Choose A Side, It Made You Want To Hide

First things first: Hayden Panetierre is not a great actress. When her time on “Heroes” has finally come to a conclusion, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that she ends up doing the straight-to-video or TV-movie circuit for the remainder of her career. I’ve been wrong before on guessing people’s ultimate career fates, but having watched the scenes tonight where Claire and Sylar are battling over the intercom, I’m feeling pretty good about this one. With precious few exceptions, she just can’t seem to deliver a menacing line without making it sound like the height of cliche…which it is, of course. But a better actress could’ve made it sound cool, while her delivery just made me groan.

I was way disappointed with how little action we got out of HRG’s plan to release the villains to serve as chum. In the end, it basically just felt like an excuse to break out the Puppet Master again…not that there’s anything wrong with that. But even that didn’t pay off. You knew the showdown between Sylar and the Puppet Master was going to turn out poorly for the latter, but I was hoping for at least a little more action than just Sylar asking, “You think you can control me?” Bam, Puppet Master’s strings are cut. Boring.

Sorry to see Claire’s biological mom go, as I kind of liked her, but once she got that shot of adrenaline, I figured she wasn’t long for this world, and I was right.

Finally, Tracy breaks out her powers again…and, subsequently, Knox breaks into a whole bunch of little pieces. It was a nice and shocking moment, to be sure. We really only got one other Tracy moment that’s worth discussing, but it was arguably the best scene of the episode: her encounter with Hiro. First, Tracy’s David Spade impression made me laugh (“And you are…?”), then she called Hiro “Pikachu,” which earned a giggle, but then Hiro offering an apology followed by a sock in the face was almost as funny as Daphne’s expression thereafter.

Speaking of Daphne, when she said, “And you were there, and you were there,” all I could think was, “Hello, ‘Wizard of Oz’ reference,” and the same went for “A Few Good Men” when Sylar screamed, “Tell me the truth!” Was this intentional? Were there more unabashed line thefts that I missed…?

Who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to see George Takei wielding a sword again? There wasn’t really much to that scene, except to get a good laugh out of the father/son battle and to finally show the moment where the formula was torn in half, but, again, it’s George Takei wielding a sword.

Overall, I was really only “meh” about this episode. The scenes with Nathan and Peter were just more brotherly bickering, the conversation between Sylar and Mama Petrelli had limited emotional heft, given that we knew full well that she wasn’t his mother, and the whole subplot about Ando developing his time-travel-related ability was just plain ridiculous. Frankly, I’m glad to see PrimaTech finally go up in smoke; it’s about time we got more of a look at the heroes and villains outside of the same world they’ve always been centered around.

Then again, maybe I’m just tired.

Heroes 3.11 – Hope Will Fall Tonight with Broken Wings

Sylar and Elle had a bad case of coitus interruptus, huh? Well, if you’re gonna be shooting up HRG’s little girl, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price. The cat-and-mouse game between HRG and Sylar and Elle was pretty cool, particularly when Sylar threw the money at the guy in the drugstore in the most pitiful attempt ever at buying time, but, wow, I totally did not expect HRG to slit his throat like that.

Claire, meanwhile, was having trouble dealing with her gunshot wound because her body is reacting to infection as if she’s never been sick before…which, given that her healing abilities would’ve kept her in top-notch condition, makes sense. But, wow, I didn’t quite expect her condition to go into as much of a tailspin as it did, nor did I expect them to actually kill her. Granted, it’s not like you didn’t know that both she and Sylar were gonna come back when the eclipse ended, but even so, I was impressed with the way they took both storylines to the edge like that.

I wouldn’t have thought that Peter and Brother Voodoo would make a good team, but I liked Peter’s comment about wanting to prove to his father that he could be a hero even without his powers. Hey, that’s what Papa gets for shrugging off his son just because he wanted to be a nurse! You know, I was actually more intrigued by this storyline than anyone else’s, possibly because it seemed so unlike anything else that’s gone on before, what with the Haitian general and everything; with Pete turning into a gun-toting Rambo and Brother Voodoo cracking heads and then going all apeshit on his brother, I was not disappointed. Nathan’s change in attitude was an unexpected one, but it’s a fascinating one which has a lot of potential.

Mohinder’s stuck in the lab, trying to figure out the connection between the eclipse and the loss of the abilities of the heroes and villains. The good news is that he’s under the watchful eye of Flint, who’s about as much of a dumb lackey as you could hope for, and although he might still be a tough guy even without his powers, he proves to be no match for Mohinder. Well, actually, it looked pretty close there for a second; at first punch, I wasn’t entirely sure that Mohinder’s attack plan was going to succeed. But, hey, he pulled it out, and that’s what counts. Surely I’m not the only one who cringed, however, when he picked up that post-it with Maya’s name and address on it. Thank goodness for the small blessing that his “curse” came back before she had a chance to drag the episode down. I also appreciated the fact that Mohinder’s fly-ish tendencies are downplayed when he’s in the lab.

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Heroes 3.9 – It’s Coming…But Is It Something Good? (Could Be! Who Knows?)

Aaaaaaaand we’re back in the present again. But was it worth the trip?

Well, as goofy as they were, I have to admit that I enjoyed the breeziness of the segments with Hiro and Ando, though to do so required me to set aside my uncertainty about what the hell had happened to Hiro in the first place. I mean, we’ve seen Brother Voodoo make with the mind wipe maneuver, but based on the way Hiro was screaming, I figured Papa Petrelli was all but ripping his brain to shreds, and when he announced that he thought that he was 10 years old, my presumption was that Papa had wiped out everything he’d known prior to that age. But given Ando’s conviction that he can trigger Hiro’s memories to return, I guess we’re supposed to presume that Papa now has the ability to inflict hysterical post-traumatic amnesia…? Well, fair enough, then. It’s not like it’s the most ridiculous conceit I’ve had to buy into with this series. The scenes in the bowling alley were silly fun, and as a geek of the highest order, Hiro’s rant about the changes in comic books was very much of the “it’s funny ’cause it’s true” variety for me.

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